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7 Romantic Words to Use Instead of 'Love' ...

By Holly

In order to stop being repetitive, there are words to use instead of love. Some words are overused to the point where they start losing their meaning. You don’t want your mate to doubt your feelings for them, because you say you love them too early in the relationship. When you really like your partner, but aren’t ready to say those three little words, here are some alternate words to use instead of love:

1 Adore

Telling someone that you adore them is sweet, but not overly dramatic. It shows that you care about them, and like their personality. It's not a word that is used often, so it still holds its meaning. This is one of the sweetest sounding words to use instead of love, because it'll make anyone swoon.

2 Fancy

Telling someone you fancy them is a cute way of explaining that you’re interested. It’s not as powerful as loving them, so it shouldn’t scare them off. It’s a good word to use when you first start a relationship with someone, because it doesn’t suggest any sense of commitment. It’s sweet, but it’s not overly complimentary.


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3 Cherish

Saying that you cherish your relationship with someone tells them how much you like them. By definition, cherish means “to protect and care for lovingly.” Even though you’re not blatantly saying that you love them, you’re still showing them that there’s love behind your actions.

4 Smitten

If you’re not ready to tell your partner that you’re in love with them, tell them that you’re smitten. It’s basically telling them the same thing, but in different words. It's a great compliment that you should only use if you mean it, because it says a lot. Being smitten is the closest you can get to being in love, and some would say that the words are synonymous.

5 Fallen

Telling someone that you've fallen for them is a great way to express your feelings a few months into a relationship. You don't want to use the L word, but you don't just want to say that you 'like' them either. Your feelings are stronger than that, and saying that you've fallen for them is a great way to get your emotions across.

6 Devoted

You don't have to be in love with someone in order to be devoted to them. Telling them this shows that you would never cheat on them or intentionally hurt them. It says that you care about them, and that you want to do whatever you can to make them happy. It's a high compliment that will help your partner trust you, and make them realize how much you love being with them.

7 Worship

Now, this word is extremely powerful, so use it with caution. You don’t want to scare off your partner when you’re trying to keep them around. But if you've been together for a long time, and still don't want to say those three little words, this is a great substitute to show your intense emotions.

Love is a strong emotion, but its meaning has been morphed by people who use it before they actually feel it. Never tell someone you love them unless you're absolutely sure that that's how you feel. Have you told your boyfriend or girlfriend that you're in love with them?

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