9 Scary Things Heartbreak Does to Your Body ...


9 Scary Things Heartbreak Does to Your Body ...
9 Scary Things Heartbreak Does to Your Body ...

If you have ever gone through a terrible break up, then you will know exactly how heartbreak feels. When you get dumped, or if find out something like you are being cheated on, the emotional turmoil can be incredibly tough and long lasting. But did you know that it isn’t only your emotional state that changes, but also your physical state? Love and heartbreak might be primarily emotional, but there is a biological element too. Here are nine scary things that heartbreak does to your body.

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You suffer real withdrawal thanks to the loss of endorphins that a romance can produce in your body. It can actually be kind of similar to feelings that people experience when they are coming off a drug like cocaine!



You might start to get obsessed with stalking your ex on social media, which in turn can have a negative effect on things like your hygiene. If you spend all of your time laying in bed looking at photos and status updates, your personal care will suffer.



Your chances of real depression increase a lot because the general levels of stress and anxiety that you feel after a breakup are much higher and more constant than at any other normal time.



Heartbreak can actually cause physical pain within your body thanks to things like muscle tension from crying, and general aches and pains that come along with factors like loss of appetite and lethargy.


Loss of Appetite

And speaking a little more about the loss of appetite factor, this can obviously be very detrimental to your health if it continues to a point where you are losing body weight that you can’t afford to lose.


Stomach Ache

That feeling that you get when you get a shock and your stomach drops? Well, that feeling can be almost constant in the aftermath of a breakup. After a while is can really feel like it causing you physical pain.


Blood Pressure

Heartbreak is prone to making your blood pressure rise simply due to the feelings of stress and anxiety that come along with being broken up with. In serious and extreme cases, prolonged raised pressure can increase the risk of something like a stroke.


Hair Loss

If you are finding a breakup particularly traumatic, it can even cause something as serious as hair loss. This is down once again to stress and anxiety.


Liver Damage

A lot of people turn to booze in order to help them get through a breakup, but you need to be careful about the extent of your drinking because drowning those sorrows too hard can lead to risk of liver damage.

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