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When you’re in a relationship and your stomach is in knots most of the time, you better know that you’re headed for heartbreak. You might not voice it to your friends, you might not even admit it to yourself, but your unhappiness is just not typical behavior for you. What’s happening is warning bells are going off all over the place concerning your relationship and you just don’t want to deal with it. You really should you know, because the end is inevitable anyway and you’re headed for heartbreak if you aren’t honest with yourself.

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He Belongs to Somebody else

When you allow yourself to get involved with a man that is married or in a serious relationship with another woman, you’re headed for heartbreak. There’s just no other way to say it, girlfriend. Yes, I know that marriages break-up and men sometimes marry The Other Woman, but outside of Hollywood couples, it’s just not that prevalent. Save yourself a lot of tears and anguish, and walk away. Another thing to remember: He cheated on her; he’ll probably continue the pattern and cheat on you. When you think about it, that’s pretty much how they do it in Hollywood!


He’s a Flirt

Whether he does it in front of you or you’ve heard he does it when you’re not around, this is a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If he’s flirting while in your presence, he just can’t help himself. Consider this a sign of extreme disrespect. Don’t make excuses for him. Can you think of a couple that has a strong relationship that you admire where the guy flirts? This doesn’t mean your guy can’t be friendly, but deep down, you know the difference between friendship and flirtation.


Caught in a Lie

If he says he spent his afternoon doing a certain activity but one of your friends just happened to see him in another setting…he’s busted. How composed he is while explaining his actions to you will go a long way in letting you know just how much of an accomplished liar he is. Don’t let your heart overrule your good sense. There are times when a LWL can be explained and excused. Is this one of those times?


Dwindling Sex Life

Your man was always ready to make love with you and you equally shared the role of aggressor. Now, you’re the only one initiating the act and even then, sometimes he has an excuse to put it off. I don’t even have to say it, you know better than anyone that when this oh-so-important facet of your life together starts to dwindle, the relationship is petering out. No pun intended.


He’s Distracted

When you guys are out to dinner or doing just about anything together, he doesn’t seem to be giving 100% to the moment. Maybe his eyes are wandering or maybe you have to mention his name more than once to get him to pay attention to you. He’ll soon be wandering far away.


Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

If he used to call you several times a day, and now a day or more can pass without hearing from him, this relationship is on life support. Think about all the times during the day when you think about him - now if he thought about you even half as much, your phone would be ringing right now. If you don’t feel comfortable even asking him about it, then you already know the answer. He’s just not that into you anymore.


Hand in Hand

He used to reach for your hand and engage in public displays of affection, and that just doesn’t happen anymore. When riding in the car with him, his hand used to be on your thigh and suddenly he needs two hands to drive. When you think about it, there’s very little physical contact compared to earlier in your relationship. This twosome is going in the wrong direction and is soon going to lose one member. Why are you hanging on to the bitter end?


Less Alone Time

Where before he just loved being alone with you, now it’s all about doing things with friends. It’s like he is fulfilling an obligation where he has to be with you, but you’re just not enough for him anymore. By surrounding himself with friends, he doesn’t have to spend every minute of the time he’s with you gazing into your eyes.


Suddenly Busy

You used to see him on certain days/nights of the week and now suddenly he has to work on some of those nights or other things are taking precedence. He never replaces that night with another and is content to see you less. Do you need to be kicked in the head? It’s bad enough you feel as if you were kicked in the heart. Unfortunately, we’re hard-wired to cling to what we feel is slipping away. You need to let it slip. You can’t hold onto someone that wants to be set free.

Now this might sound harsh, but if he’s really a great guy and not a player, the loss of interest on his part might have stemmed from how you are when you’re in a relationship. When you first caught his eye, you were mysterious and you were exciting to be around. Then when he caught you and you were always available and dare I say it…needy, he slowly but surely began losing interest. If you’re in a relationship you think is dying, do you think you might have changed from the confident, stimulating girl he fell for into something he can barely recognize today? Has this happened to you repeatedly? What could you work on that would perhaps realize a different outcome?

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Yeah.. This is exactly where my relationship is at right now. Makes me sad, because I keep making up excuses for why he does way does, but I think it's time to start being honest with myself and face the facts.

A woman is pretty great at distinguishing when her man is doing something he shouldn't and he doesn't fess up. It makes him look worse. Just tell the truth. Don't hide or run. I was in another relationship like that and it was heart breaking and it really hurt the guy apologized but yet it still didn't do much good. I was in love with the guy. Before my current relationship. I told him. He wanted me to come to wedding i was thinking really? Yet the other thing was is he contacted me after his marriage and started to message me to start a fight. I told him the best thing is to stay away from him why? Because i don't need what he did to me to happen to his wife. I end up getting the blame if his marriage doesn't work i don't need him to mess my life up. Its not worth it. If you know some one like that leave. Its not worth it. The guy is emotionally unstable and seriously needs help. My man needs help i told him we are going to the doctor because his emotional neediness and unhealthy attachments are too much.

He doesn't know how to handle his neediness and some times working with him understanding a little about psychology can help him. Before with the other guy I couldn't because i didn't have the information that i need to get out of where I was.

Yeah my relationship with my man was like this. I have had so much on my life when I found out because the lies and manipulation and everything was going on i was exhausted because he could not tell me the truth. I felt bad for the girl who was with him because i know her and i told her its not her fault but his because his little boy mentality is stuck and he needs help. I knew some thing would like this happen. He should be man enough to say some thing about it.

@Irene Kim, Thanks for sharing! It IS exhausting and I think you made a very good point. A good relationship shouldn't be exhausting. It should be lighthearted and fun, and can't wait to see each other again. It should be phone calls and texts from both parties and being genuine. Most of all, it should be being honest with yourself when all signs point to heartbreak dead ahead.

I think this might be where my relationship is now... :(

This really hit me... Makes me sad it where i am at in my relationship...

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