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7 Crazy Emotions Crushes Put You through ...

By Holly

No matter your age, there are emotions crushes put you through. Some make you feel like the luckiest girl on Earth, while others will give you a sinking feeling in your stomach. Whether you love finding new guys to fall for or hate being infatuated with someone you know will hurt you, there’s no question that there are emotions crushes put you through that will brighten and ruin your day. Don’t feel like you’re alone, because everyone goes through the same process.

1 Giddiness

Giddiness is one of the best emotions crushes put you through. When he smiles at you, you melt. When his name pops up on your phone, you get butterflies that refuse to go away. He can make your day by doing something as simple as speaking to you. All you want is a bit of his attention, and you’re overjoyed when you receive it.

yea yea i feel that way...

2 Disappointment

In the same way that he can make your day, he can ruin it in an instant. When he doesn’t return your calls or plans fall through, it’s like the world is ending. You want to be in a relationship with him, so it’s disappointing to see him with another girl. You can’t let yourself get too upset over any guy. Don’t let him have so much control over you that your happiness depends on how he’s acting toward you.

yea yea i feel really sad when i don't see him...

3 Confidence

When he compliments you, it’s an instant confidence boost. What could be better than hearing a crush say how cute you look? When someone you admire compliments you, it’s one of the greatest feelings there is. Even if you don’t agree with his compliment, it’s great to hear. Impressing your crush will make you feel great about yourself.

4 Sorrow

It’s dangerous to be completely crazy over one person. When you see him kiss his girlfriend, you’re not going to be in the best mood. By liking someone, you’re giving them power over you. He can make you cry without meaning to do so. All it takes is one look at the wrong girl, and your heart is shattered.

5 Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the worst feelings to have and the most difficult to get rid of. Watching the guy you like flirt with someone else can be torturous. You have no right to be jealous, since he’s not yours, but that doesn’t ease the pain. It’s difficult to watch the boy you daydream about treat another girl like a princess. It’s something that everyone has to deal with, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

6 Distraction

When you can’t get him off of your mind, you’re going to slack on your responsibilities. Instead of focusing on homework or housework, you’re busy thinking about him. Every time you try to get a task done, he pops back into your head. Crushes can cause distractions, even when they’re not within your sight. When they’re in the same room, the effects are that much worse.

7 Fulfillment

It’s always nice to get what you want. If you end up dating your crush, congrats! Kissing the boy you’ve liked for months is an amazing feeling. All of the emotions that he put you through are worth it when you get him in the end. Enjoy him!

Crushes can be enjoyable and miserable. Do you currently have a crush? Do you think he returns your feelings?

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