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7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Heart Broken ...

By Holly

No one enjoys crying their eyes out, which is why you should know a few different ways to avoid getting your heart broken. It’s going to happen, but it doesn’t have to occur all that frequently. Save your feelings for a man who is worthy of them. In addition to that, follow these ways to avoid getting your heart broken.

1 Pathetic Pedestals

When you fall for a guy, you’ll wrongly assume that he’s perfect. You think everything he says and does is adorable, and that there’s no way that he could get any better. However, whether you can see them or not, he has flaws. One of the ways to avoid getting your heart broken is to realize that your crush is far from perfect. He’s going to make mistakes, and he’s going to do things that you don’t agree with. The faster you notice his flaws, the faster you can determine whether or not he’s someone worth spending your time with.

2 Face Reality

It’s fun to read fairy tales and to watch romantic comedies, but you have to separate fiction from reality. Men aren’t going to act like your favorite actor. Life is much more complex than any film. You can have high hopes, but don’t have unrealistic expectations. No man will ever live up to them.

3 Multiple Men

If you’re in a relationship, it’s obvious that you should remain faithful to your mate. However, if you’re single, you shouldn’t become obsessed with your crush. By liking only one person, you put your heart entirely in their hands. If you find a few different boys that capture your fancy, you won’t be as hurt when one of them rejects you. You’ll still have another one that you could potentially start a relationship with, so you’ll get over him faster.

4 Be Picky

You shouldn’t turn down every guy that comes your way, but you can be a bit choosy. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, and don’t date someone just so that you have a boyfriend. If you’re only entering a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, things are going to end badly. You should only date men that you’re completely crazy over. If he doesn’t give you butterflies, why waste your time and risk your heart?

5 Slow and Steady

If you hookup with a man on your first date, tell him you love him on the second, and move in with him on the third, you’re going to be crushed when the relationship ends. You don’t want to prematurely fall in love with someone. Sure, the idea of love is grand, and anyone would love to be a part of it. But if you rush things, it’s easier for your relationship to fall apart. Slow and steady wins the race.

6 Watch out

If you notice your boyfriend flirting with other women, discuss it with him. His actions could be harmless, or they could foreshadow his unfaithfulness. If you don’t pay attention to how he’s behaving, you might miss some major red flags. It’s better to get out of a relationship before he breaks your heart if you can. By watching for sketchy signs, you could save yourself a world of heartache.

7 Listen up

An outsider’s perspective can be helpful. Your friends might see a side of your boyfriend that you’re oblivious to. If they warn you about him, you should take their doubts seriously. Of course, no one knows your man better than you do. Don’t base your decision to terminate your relationship solely off of what your best friend thinks.

You’re bound to have a broken heart or two, but you don’t have to be in constant pain. Use these small ways to avoid getting your heart broken, and you’ll find yourself upset less often. Have you ever suffered from a broken heart?

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