7 Passionately Romantic Ways to Improve Your Sex Life ...


7 Passionately Romantic Ways to Improve Your Sex Life ...
7 Passionately Romantic Ways to Improve Your Sex Life ...

Ways to Improve Your Sex Life are important. Few sex lives are perfect. There's always something you can do to make things more exciting, and that's vital for the continuing growth of your relationship. Intimacy is a beautiful thing and learning new ways to improve your sex life can deepen the intimacy between you and your partner. I've come up with several great ways to improve your sex life, and I really hope you can benefit from them!

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Be Imaginative

One of the best ways to improve your sex life involves being imaginative. Using your imagination is always sexy. If you think about something during sex, if it really excites you, try to implement that into your love life. Try to step away from outside stimulation for a while and focus on what your brain has to say – and what it has to show you!



If you and your partner can't communicate, then the sex doesn't really have a change. You have to talk about your likes and dislikes, your preferences and fantasies, and how you can both achieve them. Talk to each other – that's often the best foreplay of all. Speaking of which...


Don't Forget the Foreplay

Foreplay is so important. For many women, implementing a lot of foreplay is one of the most essential ways to improve your sex life. Let your partner know what you expect, what you like, what works for you. Don't rush things all the time. Sometimes that can be sexy, sure, but taking your time is even better. Actually, doing that most of the time makes those quickies even better!


Kiss – a Lot

Kissing is fantastic. It's romantic and sensual and scintillating. In terms of sex, it's like a gateway drug – it can lead to so many intense things! Don't underestimate the power of making out and what it can do for your intimacy levels.


Get into It

Sometimes being really intense and being all over your partner is the hottest thing of all – and vice versa, of course. If you're eager, if you know there's a place on your partner's body you really want to touch, go for it. Learn all of the universal erogenous zones and all of your partner's so you can really drive him or her to distraction. Learning each other's hot spots is one of the best ways to improve your sex life quickly.


Make Time

You need to make time for sex. It can be difficult – there are only so many hours in a day, after all. But the two of you need to come together when you can. Keep the fire burning; too much time apart, even if you sleep next to each other, can make it fizzle.


Enjoy It

This is unquestionably one of the best ways to improve your sex life. You absolutely have to enjoy yourself. If you don't enjoy the act of sex, figuring out why can help a lot. The reasons could be simple: a bad angle, an uncomfortable speed, your partner isn't touching your erogenous zones. This is also why communication is so important.

There are lots of ways to improve your sex life. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you're comfortable with, what excites both you and your partner, and what works for your love life. You will always dictate which are the best ways to improve your sex life, because it's your relationship. What are some of the ways to improve your sex life that work best for you?

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