11 Signs That Prove He's Way Too Needy ...


Ladies, we have all dealt with that poor boy who doesn't see the signs that he is too needy. That persistent calling, showing up to see you uninvited, and hanging out as a constant third wheel is a major turn off. All these major clingers want is to just be around you! But who wouldn't? Here are some signs that he is too needy:

1. He Gives You Ultimatums

Let me start by saying you are an amazing and beautiful female inside and out. Why else do you think that guy fell for you in the first place? The problem is he's now making you choose between him or anything else going on in your life. Your womanhood is powerful, and when a guy is trying to take that from you, it's a sure fire sign he is too needy. Men will either make you choose between their feelings or yours and if you don't pick theirs, then they make you feel like you're in trouble. Ladies, this is not a man you want in your life. You want a guy, who loves the fact you have your own independence.

He Tags along Everywhere


Heather Jensen
Thank you Not! :)
Not telling
I'm a guy and I think these posts are pretty cool. Kudos to the girl who writes this stuff
Heather Jensen
Hi Rapunzel! I know that it's hard to get out of the relationship, but it sounds like you need to. Or you need to seek some processional help for both of you, that way you can both get all of your frustrations out.
unfortunately i think its too late for me.. i have been with a needy guy for 3 years. sometimes i feel like his second mum.. bcos he is needy i find him annoying and there is no spark, but bcos it has...
Heather Jensen
That's the best feeling! :) Why don't you like it?
I hate the butterflies in the stomach feeling.
Heather Jensen
Hey C.Colman! That sounds creepy! I'm glad you got rid of him! :)
i once had a needy boyfriend and it was horrible. he came by my house everyday at 7 in the morning. the first time he did it i thought it was cute. but the 2nd and 3rd i was annoyed. then when he came...
Totally true! If someone is really, really jealous all of the time, it's hard to be with them. They can come off controlling! :) Thanks Lovlr!
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