8 Signs He's a Selfish Lover ...


8 Signs He's a Selfish Lover ...
8 Signs He's a Selfish Lover ...

Signs he is a selfish lover aren't easy to spot right off the bat. Typically, by the time you get to the point of having sex, it's hard to know whether or not he's going to be good in bed! Well ladies, if you are looking for signs he is a selfish lover before you hit the hay with him, I've got some! Below are my top 8 signs he is a selfish lover so that hopefully, you can avoid him!

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He’s Selfish in General

The very first sign he is a selfish lover is that he's selfish in general! Does he constantly expect the world from you, but gives you nothing back? Do you think he'll be any different in bed? Probably not. If you have a guy that is selfish in his every day life, you might not want to head to bed with him anytime soon.


Doesn’t Care about Getting You off

Typically, a guy likes to get a girl off first (or if the girl is nice, she likes to get the guy off first), but one of the signs he is a selfish lover is that he gets off period. He doesn't even care about your satisfaction at all. That's a horrible guy to be with in general and honestly, he's not worth your time!


Has to Ask if You’ve Come Yet – Multiple Times

If your guy is so out of tune with your body and your emotions that he has to ask if you came yet, then that's probably not a guy that you want to be with. This is absolutely one of the signs he is a selfish lover in general. After all, you can probably tell, no matter what you are doing when he came right?


He Refused Oral, but Expects It from You

Is your guy expecting you to … perform for him but he isn't willing to do it back? How selfish! This is absolutely one of the top signs he is a selfish lover and someone that you shouldn't waste your time with at all!


Not Connected to You Emotionally

Whether you are in bed or out of it, if your man is not connected with you emotionally, do you really think he is going to care what you like and feel like during sex? This sign he is a selfish lover is often overlooked, but ladies, pay attention – you can find someone better!


Never Lets You on Top

Do you like to be on top but it isn't a position that exactly works for you? My guess is that if you are dating a selfish lover, you never get your wish to be on top. Well ladies, this is definitely a sign he is a selfish lover and doesn't care about what works for you!


Has One Position That Works – for Him

The last sign he is a selfish lover feeds perfectly into this one – maybe he has just one position that works for him and no other position works right? That's absolutely the worst! It should be a mixture of positions that work for both of you, not just one that works for him!


He Knows His Hot Buttons, but None of Yours

Finally ladies, the last sign he is a selfish lover that we are going to talk about is hot buttons. Do you know that his ears drive him nuts? Yes. Does he know your navel drives you nuts? Probably not. It's that simple, he doesn't know you as well as you know him and doesn't take the time to actually get to know you.

Ladies, if your boyfriend has any of these signs he is a selfish lover, that doesn't mean that you have to break up with him, but talk to him. Talking out the signs he is a selfish lover is worth it. If it's a guy you just started dating? Avoid him! So ladies, have you ever dated a selfish lover?

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I hate guys that do this! If I see that a guy wont do it to me more than once is almost for sure that I will quit the relationship before the next time could happen ...

This interesting!

This is spot on. It's awful. It's depressing, effects self esteem...ugh. Definitely not someone worth investing in. Don't think a conversation or time will fix it. If you've talked with him about it and he blew you cut your losses. There are far too many rockin' lovers out there. Mutual pleasure really adds to a relationship. I miss it horribly,

Very true article

very nice article it was very true and should be talked about more

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