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15 Clear Signs He Has a Girlfriend ...

By Heather

Are you looking for signs he has a girlfriend that you don't know about? Do you think that your boyfriend might have a secret girlfriend that he is keeping from you? If so, ladies, I've got the top 15 signs he has a girlfriend that you might not know about, but should watch out for. If you think he might be hiding something, you'll want to take a look at the tips below!

1 He Won’t Take You out in Public

He'll take you out, but it'll never be somewhere that he has been before or it'll be across town. He'll never bring you out in public where he could actually been seen by people he knows. Does that sound like your boyfriend? It could be a sign he has a girlfriend, girls!

2 You’ll Never See His Place

Have you ever seen his place? Has he ever invited you over? If not, it's absolutely one of the signs he has a girlfriend that he doesn't want you to know about. After all, why wouldn't your boyfriend want to bring you over to his house?

3 He Doesn’t Answer Your Phone Calls

So you didn't have a schedule on when you were going to call, you just thought you'd say hi. You end up getting his voicemail and you don't hear back from him until the evening or even the next day, when you two had scheduled plans. This is absolutely one of the signs he has a girlfriend!

4 He Won’t Introduce You to His Friends

So you've been dating your man for a while now and you still haven't met any of his friends at all! In fact, he already said that he didn't have any plans on introducing you to his friends anytime soon. That could absolutely be one of the signs he has a girlfriend, girls!

5 You Have Never Met His Family

Now this one is a little tricky because not all guys introduce every girlfriend to their parents. However, if you've been dating the guy for a long time, yet still haven't met at least a little of his family, it could be a sign he has a girlfriend. Remember girls, if your relationship is going to go anywhere, you've got to meet his family!

6 He Won’t Stay over – Ever

So you and your boyfriend have gotten very close and are almost to the point of sleeping over – yet he won't. He refuses to sleep over, no matter how late it is. That seems a little fishy, right? It could be one of the signs he has a girlfriend!

7 He Still Has Pictures of His Girlfriend in His Wallet

Have you looked through your boyfriend's wallet? Does he still have pictures of his 'ex' in there? Ladies, that could be a sign. After all, don't you usually burn the photos of your ex once you've broken up?

8 He Won’t Let You Go through His Phone

Now a lot of guys want their privacy, which is all fine and good, but if your boyfriend will truly not let you see his cell phone for any reason, it could be one of the signs he has a girlfriend! After all, if you are going out with someone, you should trust them enough to let them go through your phone, right?

9 You Don’t Have Access to His Facebook or Twitter

While you and your boy might be friends on Facebook and you might follow his Twitter, he never mentions you and you are blocked on a lot of photo albums. You would think if you are his girlfriend, you should have access to everything, right?

10 He’ll Never Post Pictures of You Two – Anywhere

Another sign he has a girlfriend is that there are not any pictures of you and your boyfriend. Anywhere. Ever. This means he doesn't want anyone to be able to prove that you two are together.

11 Excuse after Excuse

If your guy is always making excuses as to why he can't see you, then it might be a sign he has a girlfriend. Does he cancel on your dates more often than not? Pay attention to his excuses and if they sound a little unbelievable, it's probably because they are.

12 Late Nights or Early Mornings

Is your guy only available late at night or early in the morning before work? This may be a sign he has a girlfriend that you don't know about. There should be no reason to not see you during the day on the weekend or right after work during the week. Why are you only meeting up at midnight or at 6 a.m.?

13 Feminine Products

Have you been to your boyfriend's place and discovered feminine hygiene products in the bathroom? Well if he doesn't have any sisters, then you might want to think about asking him if he has a girlfriend!

14 Jewelry

Every once in a while we lose an earring here or there in the car or in between the couch cushions. If you've spotted an earring or two on the floor of his car or in his house that aren't yours, then this may be a sign he has a girlfriend.

15 Perfume

Does your guy smell a little sweet or fruity on occasion? If the scent isn't of your perfume, and there isn't a holiday or birthday coming up, well then it may be another woman's perfume you're smelling.

So ladies, there you have it! These are my top 15 signs he has a girlfriend. While you might trust your boyfriend, he could still be hiding things. So ladies, what other signs he has a girlfriend are you watching out for?

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