15 Clear Signs He Has a Girlfriend ...


15 Clear Signs He Has a Girlfriend ...
15 Clear Signs He Has a Girlfriend ...

Are you looking for signs he has a girlfriend that you don't know about? Do you think that your boyfriend might have a secret girlfriend that he is keeping from you? If so, ladies, I've got the top 15 signs he has a girlfriend that you might not know about, but should watch out for. If you think he might be hiding something, you'll want to take a look at the tips below!

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He Won’t Take You out in Public

He'll take you out, but it'll never be somewhere that he has been before or it'll be across town. He'll never bring you out in public where he could actually been seen by people he knows. Does that sound like your boyfriend? It could be a sign he has a girlfriend, girls!


If your man is always opting for those out-of-the-way restaurants or insists on movie theaters that are a good drive from his usual haunts, it's time to raise an eyebrow. Why the secrecy unless there's someone he's trying to avoid—like, perhaps, another lady in his life? Girl, if he's acting like you're a covert operation instead of his proud partner, then it's time to question who else might be receiving his affections in the places he's so keen to avoid.


You’ll Never See His Place

Have you ever seen his place? Has he ever invited you over? If not, it's absolutely one of the signs he has a girlfriend that he doesn't want you to know about. After all, why wouldn't your boyfriend want to bring you over to his house?


It is not uncommon for someone to have a girlfriend and not bring you to their place. If you have been dating for a while and he has yet to invite you over to his house, it could be a sign that he is already in a relationship. It could also be a sign that he is not ready to commit to a relationship with you yet.

If he has never even offered to take you out to his place, it could mean that he is trying to keep his relationship with his girlfriend a secret. He may be worried that if you find out about her, it could put a strain on your relationship.

It is also possible that he is not comfortable with you coming to his house. He may feel that it is too soon to have you over and he is not ready to take the relationship to the next level.

No matter what the reason may be, it is important to talk to him about it. Ask him why he hasn't invited you over to his place. If he does have a girlfriend, it is up to you to decide if you want to continue the relationship. It is important to remember that if he is already in a relationship, it is not fair to you to pursue something with him.

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Some signs include him being secretive about his personal life, not being available on weekends or holidays, no photos or mentions of you on his social media, and reluctance to introduce you to his friends or family.

Pay attention to whether he frequently checks his phone, appears distracted, or avoids making plans for the future with you. Also, if he avoids public places or prefers staying in rather than going out, he might be trying to avoid being seen by others.

If he avoids posting photos with you on social media, it could be a sign he doesn't want to appear publicly attached, possibly to maintain the appearance of being single or to avoid another person seeing him with you.

While it's possible to just be friends with someone, if you're romantically involved and he's hesitant to introduce you to his friends or family, it may be an indication that he's trying to keep his relationship with you separate from his main social life, which could include a girlfriend.

Communicate openly with him about your concerns and observe his reaction. If his answers are evasive or unsatisfactory, consider the possibility that your suspicions may be correct and reflect on what you want for yourself in the relationship.


He Doesn’t Answer Your Phone Calls

So you didn't have a schedule on when you were going to call, you just thought you'd say hi. You end up getting his voicemail and you don't hear back from him until the evening or even the next day, when you two had scheduled plans. This is absolutely one of the signs he has a girlfriend!


When your call goes unanswered, it's natural to wonder what's up. Maybe he's swamped at work, but if it becomes a pattern where your calls seem less of a priority, you could be dealing with more than just a busy schedule. Especially if he only returns calls at specific times, it could be – he’s juggling availability between you and someone else. It's crucial to trust your gut. If you're feeling like an option rather than a priority, it's time to rethink where you stand.


He Won’t Introduce You to His Friends

So you've been dating your man for a while now and you still haven't met any of his friends at all! In fact, he already said that he didn't have any plans on introducing you to his friends anytime soon. That could absolutely be one of the signs he has a girlfriend, girls!


You Have Never Met His Family

Now this one is a little tricky because not all guys introduce every girlfriend to their parents. However, if you've been dating the guy for a long time, yet still haven't met at least a little of his family, it could be a sign he has a girlfriend. Remember girls, if your relationship is going to go anywhere, you've got to meet his family!


He Won’t Stay over – Ever

So you and your boyfriend have gotten very close and are almost to the point of sleeping over – yet he won't. He refuses to sleep over, no matter how late it is. That seems a little fishy, right? It could be one of the signs he has a girlfriend!


It is possible that your boyfriend has a girlfriend if he is refusing to stay over, no matter how late it is. This could be a sign that he is trying to hide something from you. If he is not willing to stay overnight, it could be a sign that he is devoted to someone else.

Other signs that he has a girlfriend could include him not introducing you to his friends or family, not wanting to be seen in public with you, or not wanting to talk about the future. He may also be very secretive about his phone, not letting you see who he is talking to or what he is doing.

If you suspect that he has a girlfriend, it is important to confront him about it. Ask him what is going on and why he is not willing to stay over. If he is honest with you, it could help you decide whether or not you want to continue the relationship.


He Still Has Pictures of His Girlfriend in His Wallet

Have you looked through your boyfriend's wallet? Does he still have pictures of his 'ex' in there? Ladies, that could be a sign. After all, don't you usually burn the photos of your ex once you've broken up?


If your man is holding onto snapshots of a past flame, ask yourself why. They're not keepsakes he should be cherishing if he's committed to you. Most people clear out all reminders of an old relationship to make room for the new. It's a matter of respect and moving on. If he hasn't, it could be he’s not ready to let go, or worse, he's double-dipping between you and his so-called "ex." Consider this a not-so-subtle hint that you might not be the only leading lady in his romantic drama.


He Won’t Let You Go through His Phone

Now a lot of guys want their privacy, which is all fine and good, but if your boyfriend will truly not let you see his cell phone for any reason, it could be one of the signs he has a girlfriend! After all, if you are going out with someone, you should trust them enough to let them go through your phone, right?


Maintaining individual privacy is important, but a total lockdown of his phone may raise eyebrows. Trust is a key component of a healthy relationship. So, if he's constantly typing away, chuckling at texts, or takes calls out of earshot without a reasonable explanation, it might be time to question who's on the other line. Remember, a little secrecy might just be a surprise plan in the works for you, but if the pattern persists, it could indicate a deeper issue. Open communication is essential to address such concerns.


You Don’t Have Access to His Facebook or Twitter

While you and your boy might be friends on Facebook and you might follow his Twitter, he never mentions you and you are blocked on a lot of photo albums. You would think if you are his girlfriend, you should have access to everything, right?


He’ll Never Post Pictures of You Two – Anywhere

Another sign he has a girlfriend is that there are not any pictures of you and your boyfriend. Anywhere. Ever. This means he doesn't want anyone to be able to prove that you two are together.


Excuse after Excuse

If your guy is always making excuses as to why he can't see you, then it might be a sign he has a girlfriend. Does he cancel on your dates more often than not? Pay attention to his excuses and if they sound a little unbelievable, it's probably because they are.


It’s important to pay attention to the excuses your guy gives when he can’t see you. If he cancels on you more than usual, it could be a sign that he has a girlfriend. He might make excuses that sound unbelievable, like he has to work late or he has a family emergency. If you find yourself constantly questioning his excuses, it’s likely because they are not true.

Another sign that your guy has a girlfriend is if he’s always too busy to hang out with you. He might say that he’s too busy with work or school, but if you don’t see him making any effort to make time for you, then it’s likely that he’s spending his time with someone else.

It’s also important to pay attention to the way your guy talks about other women. If he constantly talks about other women in a way that suggests he’s interested in them, then it could be a sign that he’s already taken. He might also avoid talking about his past relationships, which could be another sign that he’s seeing someone.


Late Nights or Early Mornings

Is your guy only available late at night or early in the morning before work? This may be a sign he has a girlfriend that you don't know about. There should be no reason to not see you during the day on the weekend or right after work during the week. Why are you only meeting up at midnight or at 6 a.m.?


It's important to pay attention to the times when your guy is available to meet up. If he's only able to meet up with you late at night or early in the morning before work, it could be a sign that he has a girlfriend that you don't know about. This is especially true if he's not available to meet up with you during the day on the weekend or right after work during the week.

If you're only seeing him at midnight or 6 a.m., it could be a sign that he's trying to keep you a secret from his girlfriend. It's important to ask yourself why you're only meeting up at these times, and if it's something that you're comfortable with.

If you're suspicious that your guy has a girlfriend, there are other signs to look out for. He could be avoiding introducing you to his friends and family, or avoiding talking about the future. He could be keeping his phone away from you, or he could be evasive when you ask him about his day.


Feminine Products

Have you been to your boyfriend's place and discovered feminine hygiene products in the bathroom? Well if he doesn't have any sisters, then you might want to think about asking him if he has a girlfriend!


Feminine hygiene products are a clear sign that a man has a girlfriend. It could mean that he has a sister who is living with him, but if he doesn't have any sisters, then it's likely that he has a girlfriend. If you notice feminine products in the bathroom, it's a good idea to ask him about it.

It's important to remember that just because feminine products are present doesn't necessarily mean that he has a girlfriend. He could be sharing the bathroom with a friend or a roommate, or he could be buying the products for a female friend or relative. However, if you notice other signs that he has a girlfriend, such as him talking about her or mentioning her in conversation, then the presence of feminine products could be a sign that he is indeed in a relationship.

It's also important to remember that a man having a girlfriend doesn't mean that he isn't interested in you. He could be open to dating you and still have a girlfriend. In this case, it's important to talk to him about his relationship status and find out if he is open to pursuing something with you.



Every once in a while we lose an earring here or there in the car or in between the couch cushions. If you've spotted an earring or two on the floor of his car or in his house that aren't yours, then this may be a sign he has a girlfriend.



Does your guy smell a little sweet or fruity on occasion? If the scent isn't of your perfume, and there isn't a holiday or birthday coming up, well then it may be another woman's perfume you're smelling.

So ladies, there you have it! These are my top 15 signs he has a girlfriend. While you might trust your boyfriend, he could still be hiding things. So ladies, what other signs he has a girlfriend are you watching out for?

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Going through the same thing with my guy of 7 months. So secretive about everything..his past, his friends, etc. I show him off on FB and he just maybe, likes when I add pics of us. He doesn't ever show me off on there. But that's not my big concern. He disappears for hours (we do live together) and it's like I'm not allowed to ask where he goes. He even went to the mall, bought a new shirt, and denied he was there even though the receipt was right there! Why lie about that? There's people that call him and text him constantly, but he never answers or responds to them while I'm around.( we also work toghether and he used to do this while we were just co-workers). I know he loves me; he shows it all the time.But I don't know how much more of his double life i can take. I don't even ask where he goes anymore when he goes for hours because it's just a fight, then he accuses me of infidelity because I am asking him. Makes no sense. I love him and hes got a lot of great qualities. But I just absolutely hate the secrecy

DD: Ditch that guy. Unless that is how you want the rest of your relationship to be? If so, than keep him. After five months, though, I would assume if you are worth having in his life, he wouldn't be trying to hide you. If he's that protective about his Facebook, why does he even have it? Don't try getting him to open up about it, just walk away, sweetheart.

i've been invited but have never gone so...?

Although I am not a women, but I often click links from cnn and womenstalk is a common link I believe your post should show exceptions because it is going further than your normal fan base because of the cnn link and will reach impressionable people such as teens and confused men and women. As a married men, I did not allow my wife to any family gatherings because they were mostly gang related and I wanted out of this life including family. I also would never show my daughter to any women if I was to ever break up until at least a year into a new relationship because that is very personal. A divorcée has the same problems with allowing anhone back into their lives, and at older ages, who honestly still has friends? I have aquitances but lack friends. You post 8s great for the younger generation but wrong for the older who are actually the confused ones looking for help so they dont mess up again

i'm glad i've just read this article. i've been with my boyfriend just over 5 months now and never once met any of his family or close friends. i stay at his every other weekend and we go out for walks close to where he lives. he's happy to hold my hand in public but facebook is another story. he says it's not real life and won't write anything about him being in a relationship as he says that's his personal business and no-one needs to know. he has adjusted his settings so that i can't see his friends list but when i asked him about this, he insisted one of his male friends on there kept trying to add all his female friends and that's why i can't see it. i would never have thought he was seeing anyone else until recently when we had a big falling out, and everyone i've spoke to has said it sounds very much like he's seeing someone else. he always twists everything round to make it look like it's my fault. help???? :(

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