13 Ways to Tell if a Guy is Sending Mixed Signals ...

By Heather

13 Ways to Tell if a Guy is Sending Mixed Signals ...

Guys are the masters at sending mixed signals, aren't they? They say that women are bad, but when a guy is sending mixed signals it can last so much longer! So ladies, I've got the break down of all of the different ways you can tell if a guy is sending mixed signals to you!

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1 Mood Swings

Mood swings are absolutely one of the top ways you can tell if a guy is sending mixed signals. He is happy one second and then sad or depressed another. It could be something in his personality that makes him go through his mood swings, but truthfully, he is probably covering up the fact that he is shy and doesn't know how to act around you.

2 Ignores You in Public

If your guy is constantly ignoring you in public, it could be one of the signs he is sending you mixed signals. How do you get around it? Well, talk to him! Express how you feel about the fact that, when you are in private, he is fine, but when you are in public, he ignores you.

3 Flirts with You in Private

One of the signs he is sending mixed signals is if he only flirts with you in private. When you are with a guy, you want him to flirt with you all over the place, not just in private. This is another conversation you might have to have with your man!

4 He’s Coy

When a guy is coy, it could be one of the signs he's sending mixed signals, but truthfully, he could just be shy. When a guy is coy, it could also be perceived as he is trying to play hard to get. Just be assertive and really put yourself out there. Who knows? He'll probably crack his coyness!

5 He’s Testing You

Just like girls, guys test us too. While you might think he is sending mixed signals, he could just be testing your responses and flirting. Trust me ladies, if he is testing you, test him right back!

6 He Plays Hard to Get

Remember the coy piece? It's probably because he is playing hard to get! If the guy that you are into is playing hard to get, play it up and play it right back. It'll make you seem more attractive and put him in his place!

7 Mixed Signals Are a Defense Mechanism

Did you know that if he is sending mixed signals, it could be a defense mechanism for him not wanting to get hurt? Just like we have defense mechanisms that are set off by certain things, when a guy is sending mixed signals, it could mean that he is super shy and wants to feel you out first!

8 He Talks about You to His Friends

One of the biggest mixed signals that I find with a guy is when he constantly talks to his friends about you, but doesn't talk to you! What do you do? Well ladies, upping your flirting a bit and making him come to you is a great way to quash him from sending mixed signals and let him know that you like him!

9 He Tries to Control the Situation

If the guy tries to control everything you do and says, "I'll let you know" or "I'll call you," it's probably because he is sending mixed signals. He is not sure what he wants yet so he wants to be the one who tells you when the next date will be and if he has time for you. However, you should stand up for yourself and tell him you don't have time to just hang around waiting for him.

10 Days Go by without Talking

Things are going great, it's your third date and you're pretty sure that by the fourth date, you'll be official. But then he goes days without calling you or answering your text messages, and you don't know why. Well that's because he is afraid to take the next step with you and make a commitment. This is when you have to decide if you want to stick around and wait for him to be done sending these mixed signals or you would rather leave him a message that you're done!

11 Only Wants to Hang out Together with Friends

Every time you text him to get together he mentions bringing his buddy with him, even when you thought it was a movie date. If his friends always seem to be around when you're together, this may be a sign he is sending you mixed signals and isn't sure what he wants. If you've had enough, just ask him about it!

12 You Haven't Kissed Yet

You've been on a few dates and he still hasn't kissed you yet. This could either be a mixed signal he is sending out because he isn't sure what he wants, or he isn't sure whether you're ready and wants you to kiss him first.

13 He Starts Flirting with Someone else

You thought things were going great and you thought your dating relationship would go to the next step. However, you noticed that he has started to flirt with one of your friends and now you're just confused. Is he trying to make you jealous or is he moving on?

It's hard when a guy is sending mixed signals, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying to hook him! Do you know of any guys sending mixed signals right now? What do you do?

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I must admit that I feel a little silly about commenting on one of these... But an impartial third party would definitely help. I am a high school/college student with a little bit of dating under my belt. I haven't dated in two years, though- my last relationship ended in an absolutely horrid manner and I have been reluctant to trust anybody since. He is a college freshman (a complete nerd, like me) with absolutely no dating under his belt. We met at work in September and I quickly developed feelings for him. This was a surprise for me. So, anyways... We started going to movies and stuff (in groups and alone), but I always initiated these outings. As he went to high school with my friend, I knew quite a bit of his background and assumed it was because he was shy with girls. So, last Friday night I revealed to him (using a flip book) that I "was wondering if he go on a date with me?") He smiled the entire time I presented the flip book, and said that he "would love to go on a date with me." He confirmed that it would be his first. (I FEEL LIKE I'M WRITING A BOOK FOR YOU GUYS- please be patient with me). So we arranged to go to Thor on Sunday at 7. We're both comic nuts. We talked in the parking lot for around 30 minutes after the movie and he asked if he could kiss me. And I, of course, said yes. So we kissed once. It was his first kiss. It was chaste. But super sweet. Afterwards, I texted him. I told him I had an amazing time and he said that there would be a second date. But when I texted him on Thursday, asking him if he would be able to do something over the weekend, he didn't even respond. I mean, I wouldn't have been angry had he said no. But it does bother me that he doesn't seem to deem me worthy of a response. And on Friday, at work, he treated me in the same way he always does (which isn't bad) but didn't even seem to acknowledge that I had sent the message or even that the date had even occurred. I really don't want to seem overly clingy.... But I have never put my heart out on the line like I did before... And to be honest, I kind of regret it because I now feel ridiculously vulnerable. I keep thinking it could be because of my body (I'm 5'6 and weigh 171 pounds, so I'm kind of fat) and he's ridiculously skinny (he's probably 5'10 and he once told me he weighs 170)... But anyways, we don't look that awkward together. I mean, I'm losing weight and since he's taller than me, I don't look like a giant next to him. I've rambled long enough. To the point- Has he already lost interest? Was he never interested? I know you haven't met him, but... I tried to be as thorough as possible. PS- please don't sugarcoat it. If the information that I have given indicates that he doesn't want me, then please tell me.

Alright well I made the first move but we had progress for a little while.. I usually start the conversation, and when I do, it goes great but if I don't, he doesn't! It's driving me crazy! Any explanations? :$

Hi, I have a guy friend with whom I have these very interesting, meaningful conversations on FB chat from time to time. He even quite recently sent me a very beautifully written post card that made me think he likes me more than as a friend. But lately our conversations have dwindled, and he doesn't respond with more than a couple of lines. I've been single for 4 months now, and was wondering if it's okay to express interest. How do I do it?

There's this guy... We both liked each other and were dating, and apparently boyfriend and girlfriend for a bit... After school holidays, we just drifted apart. Its so hard to talk to each other now. We can wave and say hello but that's it. Is there still something there or should I move on?

Hello :) i have been talking to this guy for about 6 months he has told me that he has feelings for me and i like him and we got along very well.. Lately he is hot and cold and i try to talk to him about it he said he hasnt changed! What do i do :(

So I know this guy and we dated during summer (for a couple of weeks, lol) He was the one that ended it. We started talking again a few weeks ago but since then he's been sending me all of the mixed signal. He tells me all these things in private but when were out in public he says hey and starts really subtle conversations, he's the one that ends them too. Then I found out he asked a 5 girls to homecoming and all of them said no. People were saying that he was going to ask me but he never did and yesterday I saw that he already had a date to homecoming. Help! I'm so confused:(

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