5 Sure Signs He Will Never Propose ...


5 Sure Signs He Will Never Propose ...
5 Sure Signs He Will Never Propose ...

If marriage is so important to you, you might want him to propose right now. However, not all guys have the same view and you should be looking for signs he'll never propose. Some men would prefer the dating life even when they promise you marriage. The only way to figure out their intentions is through some simple signs. I know the result might be frustrating, but accepting the truth is way better than ignorance. I have gathered five sure signs he will never propose. If your man has any of these, it might be time to decide how important marriage is to you so you can decide if you're going to stay or move on.

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He’s Unable to Express Himself

Does he become skeptical when expressing his feelings towards you? Does he even regret telling you if he did? No matter how a good listener you are, that’s a red flag. Communication is the core of a successful marriage. But if he’s unable to communicate clearly with you, know that it’s definitely not because of you. If you have to pressure him into telling you anything, that's one of the telltale signs he'll never propose.


He Doesn’t Mention Anything about Marriage

You’ve been together for years, yet he refuses to talk about marriage. He might even change the topic. Think about it. When a man can’t even talk about marriage, he won’t be encouraged to commit. He might also be sarcastic, snarky and ironic when a couple decides to marry.


He Keeps Your Relationship a Secret

When a man wants to settle down and marry, he will introduce you to his parents, friends and co-workers. That means he should invite you to hang out with the people who are close to him. By keeping your relationship a secret, he is not looking forward for a lasting relationship.


He Doesn’t Include You when Talking about the Future

That is so upsetting. When he doesn’t include you in his future plans, that means he is not considering you as a part of it. From here, its way better to move on rather than waiting for a miracle.


He Has Cheating Habits

When he cheats on you several times, don’t expect him to be a loyal partner, even when there’s a ring attached to your finger. If you’re looking for a relationship that results in marriage, I suggest you look for a partner that reflects your beliefs. That's someone who deserves to be with you.

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