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5 Signs Your Boyfriend is High Maintenance ...

By Sici

Are you on the lookout for signs your boyfriend is high maintenance?

Have you ever been accused of being high maintenance? If you’re a woman, then the answer is most probably yes! The term high maintenance has become something that guys throw at their girlfriends if they are behaving or living their lives in a manner that they can’t quite match or keep up with. In truth, it’s kind of sexist! However, us girls certainly know that there is another side to this coin, a side that shows that guys can be just as high maintenance as girls, perhaps even more so! If you see these signs your boyfriend is high maintenance, you could be in for a rocky road.

1 He Has Meltdowns

shoulder, arm, muscle, hand, finger, It doesn’t matter what you are doing and in what context you are making decisions together, if it doesn’t go the way that he specifically wanted, he will have a full-on tantrum and a meltdown. If not being able to compromise and having to have your own way every single time a decision has to be made isn’t a classic sign of being high maintenance, then I don’t know what is! Tantrums are one of the sure fire signs your boyfriend is high maintenance.

2 He’s a Fashionista

gentleman, suit, We all love a guy who takes pride in his appearance, but the difference between knowing how to dress, and being fully high maintenance, often comes from only being satisfied with the very best and most expensive designer clothing. You don’t need to be head to toe in high end labels in order to look great, but in the mind of a high maintenance boyfriend, designer and price is the only thing that is worthy.

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3 He Likes to Be Pampered

fashion, professional, service, girl, Most guys would break out in a cold sweat if you suggested they get a mani or a pedi, but a high maintenance boyfriend will definitely get involved. It can be fun if you treat yourselves together once in a while, but the circumstances can change pretty quickly if you realise that he is splashing out on more treatments than you and your BFF combined!

4 Takes Care of His Body

, A guy who takes care of his body and stays in shape isn’t a bad thing at all, but the problem with a high maintenance boyfriend can start to arise when you find that he would rather spend an hour at the gym than an hour with you at home. It’s very easy for a general health kick to become a bigger obsession, and it’s much more common for this to occur in guys that are very high maintenance.

5 Expensive Foods

girl, gentleman, film, We all know how to cut corners and save pennies when it comes to food shopping, and true grocery experts will be able to tell you that some store brand products taste exactly the same, if not better, than high end names. That’s something that a high maintenance boyfriend won’t be able to understand, because he has to have the most expensive and most revered version of everything, even things like ramen noodles!

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