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10 Obvious Body Language Signs He is Totally into You ...

By Gabriella

Are you wondering if your crush is into you? There are some body language signs he's into you that should help you figure it out. You might find yourself asking questions like, “did he just stare into my eyes because he likes me or because he is being polite?” “Is he staring at my mouth because he finds it sexy or do I have something in between my teeth?” “Wasn’t that hug a little longer than it should be? He must like me!” The questions go on and on… but you are right. What you are noticing is real and not a figment of your imagination. If he is doing any of the things mentioned below, he is most likely really into you! It can be hard to tell, so the next time you are with your crush take a look at the 10 body language signs he's into you. It can be hard to tell if a man is into you, but if you think a guy likes you, you are most likely right. It is called female intuition and it seldom disappoints us!

1 He Smiles at You

interaction, girl, conversation, long hair, friendship, When you are in the same room with your crush he smiles at only you. Even if you are across the room from each other, when you finally do lock eyes, he flashes a huge goofy grin at you. Talk about melting a girl’s heart! Smiling at you only, especially with other people around is a good sign he likes you. A smile is one of the most obvious body language signs he's into you.

2 He Looks at Your Mouth

photograph, person, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, He makes eye contact with you but also looks at your mouth. If a guy’s eyes look down at your mouth as you are speaking, he is most likely into you.

3 He Points His Feet toward You

black and white, snapshot, fashion, interaction, darkness, When you are standing next to each other he faces you directly with his feet pointing towards you. This means he feels very comfortable with you and could stay in that position all day.

4 He Points His Toes toward You

hair, human hair color, girl, black hair, hand, He points his toes towards you. Even if you are sitting down, his toes will be pointed in the direction you are. He wants to be where you are, right next to you.

5 He Looks Masculine

man, model, black and white, male, muscle, His body is in a masculine standing position. If a man likes a woman it is only natural for him to assume the most masculine position possible. After all, it is in his genes. It signals to the woman that he wants her!

6 He Listens to You

white, black, photograph, black and white, infrastructure, When you are speaking, all attention will be on you. You can tell on his face how interested he is to hear everything you say. He will listen to you talk with enthusiasm and interest, never wanting the conversation to end.

7 He Leans toward You

glasses, vision care, eyewear, friendship, sunglasses, This is a big one ladies!! If a man leans his face or body toward you, it is a huge sign that he is totally into you! When a guy is not so into you, he will be more anxious or ready to leave your side. You won’t find him leaning towards you. If he is not into you he will do the opposite and lean away from you, with his feet pointing away from you as if he is ready to go.

8 Watches You Go

person, man, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, After meeting with him you say goodbye and walk away. He turns around to look at you! He either turns to look at you when you are not looking, or he turns to look at you and says goodbye again. This is an obvious sign that he is totally crushing on you.

9 He Stares at You

tree, girl, friendship, human behavior, plant, He stares at you when you are not looking at him. When a man likes a woman, he will often stare at the object of his affection when she does not know it. This means he is admiring you from a distance and is very much into you! This is a strong indicator he is crushing on you.

10 He Gives You a Long Hug

photograph, black and white, shoulder, emotion, interaction, If your crush hugs you goodbye and lingers for a few seconds longer than one would when hugging a friend, he really likes you! He doesn’t want to let you go because he is so into you. He would prefer to stay with you than to leave you.

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