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Warning Signs He's Taking Advantage of You for Girls Worrying That's the Case ...

By Suzy

Unfortunately there are guys out there who aren’t good people and who are willing to take advantage of girls. So what are the signs he's taking advantage of you? Don’t be a skeptic and suspect every guy is the same, but it’s important to be alert and not ignore signs that the guy you’re seeing is using you. Here are some signs he's taking advantage of you.

1 All He Cares about is Sex

One of the signs he's taking advantage of you is wanting to hit the sheets anytime you're together. Whenever he wants to see you, it’s just to have sex. If he doesn’t want to hang out or go for dinner or anything, and it’s just purely physical, he could be taking advantage.

2 He Doesn’t Pay for Anything

Some women say that men should always pay, which I don’t really agree with. A treat now and then is nice, but it should be 50/50. If he always has an excuse as to why he can’t pay, then he may be using you for your money.

3 He Never Talks about Wanting Anything Serious

It’s all very vague and casual and there’s no sign that he wants commitment. He could just be a commitment-phobe, but he might also just be using you for what he can get while he can.

4 It’s All Take and No Give

It’s always on his terms and you’re always the one making the sacrifices. That isn’t the way it should be and he could be taking advantage of your good nature, so he gets exactly what he wants and you get very little.

Sometimes it’s hard to see that a guy is taking advantage of you when you like him, but keep your eyes open for key signs because otherwise you could end up getting hurt.

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