12 Obvious πŸ’‘ Signs You're Falling in Love 😍 with Your Crush πŸ’˜ ...

There are some signs you're falling in love with your crush. Do you wake up in the morning and the first thought to enter your mind is HIM? Do think about him constantly and even start to question your sanity, possibly wondering if you’ve turned into a stalker? You find yourself staring at his Facebook page and Instagram every chance you get. You might think you’ve gone mad, but what is really happening is that you are falling in love! That’s right, I said IN LOVE ladies!!! Read below to find out the signs you're falling in love with your crush.

1. You Think about Him a LOT

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When you wake up in the morning you immediately reach for your phone to see if he read your Facebook message or sent you a Snapchat. You get ready for work, and as you are putting on your makeup you think about how good it would be to see him again. On your drive to work you play music that reminds you of him. You are super excited to get to the office so you can check the text message he just sent you. You spend the entire day thinking about him, wondering what he is doing in that very moment. You are thinking about him until you go to sleep at night. If you can't get him off your mind, it's definitely one of most obvious signs you're falling in love with your crush.

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