10 Signs He's Been Cheating with a Certain Girl ...


Hopefully, your boyfriend will never actually cheat on you. However, it can't help to keep your eyes open. It's better to figure out that he's cheating than to be shocked when he leaves you for another girl. Here are a few signs that he's been cheating with a certain someone:

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He Gets Weird when You Mention Her

He Gets Weird when You Mention Her If he acts weird whenever she enters the room, or when you simply mention her name, then something fishy is going on. There's no reason for him to act out of the ordinary when she's brought up. If she's the only one he acts bizarre around, and he doesn't have any excuse for his behavior, then you should be concerned. He might be cheating with her, especially if she's acting as strange as he is.


They Claim to Hate Each Other

They Claim to Hate Each Other If he doesn't want you to figure out that he's been cheating with a certain girl, he might go overboard when talking about how much he can't stand her. He thinks that bashing her will stop you from thinking that he's interested in her.


He Won’t Let You See Her Text Messages

He Won’t Let You See Her Text Messages There's nothing wrong with him having a female friend. However, if he keeps his phone out of your view whenever he texts her, and leaves the room whenever he's on the phone with her, he's acting sketchy. He shouldn't have anything to hide from you, especially when it involves another woman. So be careful.


He’s Always Snap Chatting Her

man, male, conversation, Some people use Snap Chat innocently, but a lot of people use it to send sexual photographs. If a certain woman's name is always popping up on his phone, and he'll never let you see what she sends him, then something is definitely wrong. Chances are that she's snapping him the types of photos that you would hate to see.


She Always Asks about Him

She Always Asks about Him If you're friends with the girl you think he's cheating with, it's just as important to pay attention to her behavior as it is to pay attention to his. If she's always asking you questions about how your relationship is going, she might be hoping that there's an issue that causes you two to break up.


He Tells You to Be More like Her

He Tells You to Be More like Her Your boyfriend shouldn't tell you what to wear or how to act. Even more importantly, he shouldn't compare you to any other women. If he's always comparing you to a certain girl in his life, then it means he wishes you were more like her. Even if he isn't cheating with her, he might as well be, because he's still being disrespectful to you. You shouldn't have to put up with that type of treatment.


He’s Always Staring at Her

person, mmwKmLS, It's normal for men to look at pretty ladies when they pass by. However, he shouldn't be staring at anyone. If he's always gawking at a certain girl, then he might be cheating with her. Even if he isn't, it's clear that he finds her attractive.


He Gets Defensive about Her

mouth, screenshot, fictional character, It's one thing if they're friends and he defends her, but if you judge her to see how he'll react and he flies off the handle in her defense, he's probably got feelings for her. And he'll get even more defensive if you accuse him of that.


He Deletes Texts

screenshot, film, Community, If you know they talk frequently then all of a sudden the texts stop showing up, he's probably deleting them which screams out guilty because if has to hide them they're probably talking in a way they shouldn't be.


He'd Rather Spend Time with Her

person, man, gentleman, hidden, This is probably the most obvious on the list, but if he'd rather hang out with his friends and she "happens to always be there" then there's probably a strong likelihood they're cheating. He needs guy time but not with other girls around every time, or he should at least invite you with if he knows she's going to be there.

If you think he's cheating, sit him down and ask him about it. If you find out that you've been right all along, then make sure you end it with him, because he doesn't deserve another chance. Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

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5 out of 7 but its still in my head and Im imagining it ..

What if a husband?

Been in that situation and when I ended with him I felt so free. His family wanted us back together, but I couldn't be bothered. In the end, he started going with the girl he cheated on me with AND she cheated on him and dumped him. Also, I'm not that forgiving when it comes to cheating and I have told both my daughter and son that if someone cheats on you, get rid of them and move on. There are better people to be with other than some one who cheats and lies. If my husband cheated, I'd get a divorce even after 19 years of marriage and I'd have no problem doing that because no one that cheats deserves me- I am too good a person to be with a cheater and I let him know that when we started dating over 20 years ago. Don't piss off an Irish woman :)

Not too sure about number 5, I think sometimes people ask about your significant other just to be polite.

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