How to πŸ“ Tell if You Wear the Pants πŸ‘– in the Relationship πŸ’‘ ...

It used to be frowned upon that women wore pants - they didn't really become acceptable or common until the 1920s. Even though we've been wearing pants for decades now, the phrase "wearing the pants in the relationship" is still hanging around. Women interpret this phrase as being strong and fierce. Men see it as a form of emasculation; an expression that the man in the relationship is lesser because the woman is stronger. I prefer to think that there are men out there who aren't doormats but rather, who appreciate having a strong woman as their partner. If you recognize these signs, you probably are a pants wearer!

1. Played Hard to Get

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During the courting and dating period, you were the one who was perfectly happy to stay single and played hard to get. You made him work for it!

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