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Why Does He Always Call Later than He Says He Will ...

By Alicia

You’re dating an amazing guy. He’s cute, he’s funny and you love being with him. There’s just one problem. He always calls later than he says he will! Let’s talk about some reasons guys do this.

1 He’s Not Obsessed with Time

There’re people who are obsessed with time and people who pay very little attention to it. For the most part, guys are more laid back about time than women are. Of course, there’re always exceptions. But give some thought to his overall attitude toward time and see if this reason fits. If you know this’s the case, you can adapt to his attitude about exact times and not get as stressed over it.

2 He Can’t Multitask

Rare is the guy that multitasks well. Most guys are more likely to focus solely on one thing at a time. For example, if he’s working on his car, that’s what he’s giving his full attention to. Thoughts of other things in his life aren’t present. He can easily push other thoughts aside to devote his full attention to the project at hand. It’s nothing personal at all; it’s just a typical guy trait.


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3 He’s out with the Guys

If you’re guy is out with the guys when he’s supposed to call, he may not call. He may wait until he’s alone before he calls. It’s not that he’s embarrassed to call you; he’s simply enjoying his time with his friends. That’s not to say that any of these reasons are good excuses for being late with a phone call. You can absolutely express that you’re anticipating his call when he said it would come.

4 He Forgot His Phone

This’s one of those things that can happen to any of us. It’s usually rare because we keep our phones so close to us in this day and age but it’s possible. Another, more likely, possibility is that his phone went dead. It’s always best to wait and hear the reason his call came late before you get upset. There could be a completely understandable explanation.

5 An Unforeseen Circumstance Has Come up

Life just happens. Sometimes a person can have the best of intentions but something happens that keeps them from going through with them. Your man could be dealing with a flat tire, be in a meeting at work or in another similar situation that’s preventing him from calling. In these situations, you have to be understanding. Remember there may be a time you can’t keep a commitment to him because something came up.

6 He Doesn’t Think It’s a Big Deal

Reason number #6 he may call later then he said he would is that he doesn’t realize it’s a big deal to you. This’s where you need to have a conversation and explain that it absolutely matters! It’s perfectly fine to explain you expect to be a priority to him, in this and other situations. You can even tell him you worry when you don’t hear from him on time. Being honest with him can help make late phone calls a thing of the past.

7 He Wanted to Wait until He Could Give You His Full Attention

Your guy may think he’s doing you a favor by waiting to call. His thinking may be that if he waits till a later time, he can give you his full attention. He may think he’ll have more time to talk if he calls later. While those are truly sweet thoughts, he needs to communicate them to you. Ask him to text you if he can’t call till later.

These’re some reasons guys call later than they say they will and some tips on how to deal with that. Does your guy do this? How do you handle it?

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