7 Signs It's Time to Get out of a Roller Coaster Relationship ...


A roller coaster relationship is often a wild fusion of fierce chemistry, an irrational desire to be together and frequent breakups. Unlike normal relationships that remain emotionally steady even though they have highs and lows, a roller coaster relationship repeatedly plummets in a sudden downward spiral leaving heartbreak in its wake. Below I’m going to share the 7 signs that indicate its time to get out of a roller coaster relationship once and for all.

1. Partner is Abusive

Heated arguments typically occur in a roller coaster relationship. Since the nature of these relationships quite often is emotionally volatile, things can easily get out of hand. Even so, it doesn’t give anyone the right to physically or emotionally abuse you. Walk at the first sign of abuse.

Loving Feelings Are History


Merarri Martinez
@Charlsie Hunter Woodside, what's stopping you? That is the exact question I asked myself when I debated on leaving an ex.
Merarri Martinez
@Katie, Congrats on leaving a dead-end relationship. It was the best thing you could have done for yourself!
Merarri Martinez
@Angel wings, Congrats on leaving a relationship that wasn't working. I know its hard but its the right thing to do if you aren't happy.
Merarri Martinez
@SingleMOM, Glad it helped you!
Merarri Martinez
@Star-I'm so sry to hear. You deserve better!! I hope you find happiness again!
Merarri Martinez
@Skb3867, Thanks for sharing! Glad you left the jerk!
Charlsie Hunter Woodside
Thirty years of the roller coaster and I'm still afraid to leave..the unknown is scarier than the known.
I've recently gotten out of a roller coaster relationship, and this article definitely made me realize the best decision was made 😃
@Star emotional abuse is no joke either. That's great you are seeing the signs. I wish you luck and happiness!
I agreed completely. Except the 1st point, all are applicable on my relationship.
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