7 Signs It's Time to Get out of a Roller Coaster Relationship ...


A roller coaster relationship is often a wild fusion of fierce chemistry, an irrational desire to be together and frequent breakups. Unlike normal relationships that remain emotionally steady even though they have highs and lows, a roller coaster relationship repeatedly plummets in a sudden downward spiral leaving heartbreak in its wake. Below I’m going to share the 7 signs that indicate its time to get out of a roller coaster relationship once and for all.

1. Partner is Abusive

Heated arguments typically occur in a roller coaster relationship. Since the nature of these relationships quite often is emotionally volatile, things can easily get out of hand. Even so, it doesn’t give anyone the right to physically or emotionally abuse you. Walk at the first sign of abuse.

Loving Feelings Are History


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I just broke up with my boyfriend after reading this. I realized that I wasn't happy anymore and that he wasn't treating me right. It hurts but I know I new to move on.
I've been hurt numerous times in my relationship and we are definitely on a roller coaster ride. I really want to move on as well but it has not been easy even though i would never marry him. I just don't see him in my future. These tips helped
I am starting to feel that I lost myself in the relationship.
I am in a similar situation. I am in a emotionally abusive relationship. Just realizing it. After almost a year. 😔
For me, it was when I no longer felt safe. I was in an abusive relationship and was afraid to leave. After getting hurt the second time I knew it was time to get out. I was living with a ticking time ...
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