7 Signs You Are Being Used as an Emotional Crutch ...

By Merarri

If you have just gone through a breakup, you need to know the signs you are being used so you don’t become your ex’s emotional crutch. After a breakup that you didn’t initiate, chances are you want to keep in contact with your ex because you are hoping he might change his mind. The thing is, although this can occur with some relationships, its more likely that he sees you as his backup girl. Since you deserve so much better than that, I’m going to share the signs you are being used as an emotional crutch.

1 More than Friends

Does your ex still act like your boyfriend? If so, then he is still texting, calling, sharing your bed and spending time with you. One of the signs you are being used is when an ex acts like a boyfriend but won’t commit to you. While you keep hope alive that you will get back together, the truth is that this pseudo-boyfriend is using you until he finds something better. Tell him that you aren’t interested in having a pretend-boyfriend; you want a real man that can commit.

2 Can’t Let Go

Your ex says that he needs you in his life because its too painful to cut ties completely. He’s keeping you in his life so he doesn’t have to face the pain of losing you. The thing is he is keeping you in relationship limbo. This is the equivalent of emotional sabotage because you can’t move on to someone new with an ex in the picture.

3 Wants to Date Others

In this case, your ex is dating others casually. But he is also dating you as well. This type of ex is selfish because he wants to continue having you at his beck and call while he explores dating other people. The moment he finds someone else, you can bet that things will dramatically change as he turns her focus to someone new.

4 Talks about the Future

This is the ex that tells you things like “let’s see where the path leads”, “let’s just see what happens in the future”, “one day we might get back together” or “let’s just see where this goes”. This ex wants you in their life but labels your new relationship as a friendship. He isn’t quite sure what he wants so is using you as his backup plan. Tell him you aren’t waiting around for him.

5 Love Rollercoaster

It seems like you make up and breakup about as many times as you change a pair of socks. Your ex won’t cut ties with you because he is emotionally dependent on you. It’s one of those relationships where you aren’t happy with him and you aren’t happy without him. So you let him run back to you time and time again.

6 Only when It’s Convenient

This is the ex that comes in and out of your life at his convenience. You hear from him when you least expect it. He wants to keep in touch with you because he wants to know if you are dating anyone. If you aren’t and you show a lot of interest in him, he withdraws and disappears again. He comes back into your life to make sure you are still available and still willing to get back together. Once he confirms those facts, he disappears again.

7 The Relationship Bouncer

This ex has met someone new and enters a relationship. Once the relationship fails, he runs to you to mend his broken heart. In essence, he is using you as an instant ego boost. He enters another relationship with yet another person but that doesn’t work out either. So once again, he runs back to you and continues to bounce back to you after any breakup.

If you recognize your ex in any of these scenarios, cut him out of your life until your heart is completely healed. Allowing someone to use you as an emotional crutch cheats you out of finding true love. Can you share other signs that indicate an ex considers you his backup plan?

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