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If you’ve been with someone for a couple of weeks and you feel like there’s something’s not right but you just can’t figure out what that is, here are a few obvious signs you are dating the wrong person that you should consider. If you are trying to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again, then you should watch out for those hidden signs that tell you that the person you are currently in a relationship with is not suitable for you. Notice all the red flags and take action, in order to protect yourself and to not waste time being with someone who doesn’t deserve you. Everyone has their own dating doubts but when you are mostly unhappy in your relationship, then maybe you should do something to change that. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to invest time in the wrong person and possibly lose the chance of meeting someone who is truly meant for you. So, here are a few obvious signs you are dating the wrong person that you shouldn’t ignore:

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You Feel like You Have to Wear a Mask

One of the most obvious signs you are dating the wrong person is the fact that when you are in their company, you feel like you have to wear a mask just to please them. Well, you should always be yourself, especially when you’re with your significant other. If you’re always trying to hide certain aspects of your personality just to impress your partner and if you often have to make all kinds of compromises just to make them happy and get nothing in return, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself some questions to see if that person is really meant for you and if they truly deserve you.


They Don’t Listen to You

Do they really listen to you, and I mean are they interested in what you have to say? Are they paying any attention to your needs? Are they interested in what you do, in what you like? Do they ask you how was your day or do they just talk about themselves all day long without even thinking about what you want or what you need? If this is the case, then try to find someone who is not so self-centered and who is willing to make some sacrifices just to see you happy.


You Never Feel like You Are Good Enough

If you never feel like you are good enough when you are with your partner, if they are always criticizing you and if they constantly complain about your behavior, about your decisions or about your actions, then maybe it’s time to start looking for someone else, someone who will appreciate the wonderful person that you are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to improve different aspects about yourself, because we all have things we need to work on, but if your partner never has anything nice to say about you, then maybe you are dating the wrong person.


You Can’t Trust Them

Trust is an essential thing in every relationship and that’s why you should always be honest with the one you love. On the other hand, if you can’t seem to trust your partner, if you already caught them lying to you a few times and they did nothing to change this bad habit, then maybe you should start looking for other options and find someone who will deserve you and your love.


They Exhaust You

If you’re feeling exhausted after a day of hanging out with your partner instead of feeling energized and happy, then maybe you should start asking yourself some questions to discover if they are right for you. Do you feel emotionally drained most of the time when you’re with them? Are they always complaining about something or do they annoy you with their negativity? A relationship shouldn’t feel like work all the time; you should feel happy and energized when you are with your partner, not sad and stuck.


They Think the World Revolves around Them

Does your partner act like the entire world revolves around them? Do they appreciate your needs or at least are they aware of them? If your partner always tries to satisfy their own needs without caring about your own, you should start thinking if you really want to be with someone who always thinks about themselves, who is selfish and who thinks that your duty is to make them happy. Do you really want such a relationship? Think again! Just like Daniel Wallen said, “If it seems like your partner is more interested in how you fit in their world than they are with your individual needs, you might be dating the wrong person.”


You Can’t Imagine a Future Together

When you’re dating someone for quite some time, it’s pretty natural to think about your future together. If in this case, when you do this, you feel like crying (and I don’t mean tears of joy) or running away, then you might be dating the wrong person. Well, maybe it’s the right time to evaluate why you are with that person and to determine if they really are what you are looking for.

I know that being single can be pretty scary sometimes, but at the same time, being with someone who doesn’t deserve you will only make you feel worse. Have you ever been with someone who wasn’t right for you? Do you know any other signs of dating the wrong person that someone shouldn’t ignore? Do tell!

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I loved this. All these were huge problems in my last relationship. And even though now I have a great healthy relationship, It was good to read this, so I know what to watch out for.

My man and I both went through this we said some nasty things to each other which ended up terribly. All these qualities were us because the amount of stress we both feel me out of a job and still looking. Bills piling up. We were both a mess and a wreck.

Excellent post that seems to be taboo for some reason. Thanks for a great one! I'm sure you'll be saving many women's confidence boosters and saving much grief and sorrow for them!

Love this! Made me realise a lot!!

sometimes the decisions that we are taking during at a young age are not the best one,i lived this situation on my skin,but the major problem was that.. i was denied that something is wrong with us..how did i realized? a good friend force me to talk with an astrologer(i was very skeptic) but i did it...and i listen her advices,now i am happy with my new relationship..From now on I will listen to what my astrologer is telling me !!!!!

I think it should be easy to understand if you respwct yourself,respect for yourself is the most important!

Hi, if you think like this you are not only dating the wrong person, you ARE the wrong person to be dating. Stay out of the daring scene for a while. Build up your own self esteem until you feel mature enough to know that love is not a zero sum game. You don't get more by giving less! Also time spent with the "wrong" person is not wasted if you use it to learn how other people live and think. Try getting to know the person better and he may have friends or brothers, one of whom may turn out to be the RIGHT person. Try attracting people to yourself instead of cutting people off. It requires positivity and confidence which are the qualities of a charismatic person. Above all, don't be dating just because your peers are. This is a sign of weakness and only leads to tears. There's nothing better than a strong, charismatic single woman in my opinion! If dating isn't working, try making friends!


Thanks for making this! It helps a lot because its hard to tell if that guy is wrong or right, especially if you have feelings for him.

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