7 Signs 🚦 She is Faking 😬 Her Orgasm 😱 ...

Hello gentlemen, nice to see you here! If you have clicked on this blog, then it’s safe to assume that you are having some doubts about the authenticity of your sex life with your current partner. For you, faking a climax isn’t really something that you ever have to think about, and it’s hard to do considering your equipment, but for women, it is a much easier and more readily available option should she ever need to hurry things along! If you are unsure about whether you are actually satisfying your boo at the moment, here are seven signs she is faking her orgasm.

1. Too Good to Be True

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I hate to break it to you, but if you think you are hitting it out of the park every single time, you probably aren’t! Even the most compatible, sexually amazing couples don’t get it right every time, so if she is telling you that she’s hitting climax without fail, she’s probably overcompensating.

2. No Eye Contact

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The body can move and the voice can rise, but the eyes can’t lie! If she isn’t making much meaningful eye contact with you, it is probably because she is staring into the middle distance and focusing on executing the perfect fake orgasm.

3. She Goes off like Sally

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If she sounds anything like Meg Ryan did in When Harry Met Sally, she’s probably faking just as hard as in the movie! A real orgasm takes too much of a pleasurable toll on your body to be making those kinds of active noises!

4. Uncomfortable

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She looks visibly uncomfortable whenever you bring up the notion of faking orgasms, even in passing that isn’t necessarily related to your sexual interactions as a couple. She’s clamming up because she doesn’t want to have to face having an honest discussion that might hurt your feelings.

5. Pat on the Back

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She gives you a slightly condescending pat on the back when it is all over. I, it’s one of those little microaggressions that doesn’t seem like much in the moment, but speaks volumes to your intimacy.

6. Friend Talk

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She brings up her friends and their amazing sex lives. You’ll probably hear a lot about that one BFF who can have multiple orgasms, sort of as an unspoken hint that you need to up your own game!

7. Faster & More

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She uses words like β€œmore” and β€œfaster” all the time in the bed, to the extent that it is clearly because whatever you are doing is not hitting the right spots for her at all.

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