7 Signs Your Partner is Having an Emotional Affair ...


7 Signs Your Partner is Having an Emotional Affair ...
7 Signs Your Partner is Having an Emotional Affair ...

All relationships have a basis in emotions, that's why we are together, but do you know any of the signs your partner is having an emotional affair? Emotional affairs are actually worse than sexual affairs in some aspects, as your partner can really grow to care for this person on a deep, deep level and eventually, can even grow to love them. If you think that your partner is having an emotional affair, you've got to take a look at my top signs your partner is having an emotional affair so you can compare his or her behavior!

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Glued to Computer

Has your guy or girl in the past been glued to the computer? Are they constantly with their laptop now and are constantly chatting? This is absolutely one of the top signs your partner is having an emotional affair online – however, that doesn't mean that emotional affairs can't happen in person too, but online is most common.


Hiding Texts

If your partner is in an emotional relationship, most likely they are going to try to hide it from you. That means that they may get protective over their text messages and that they might get protective over their phone. They might even put a password on it, so that you won't be able to access it without them knowing.


Late Night Conversations

If it is an emotional affair online, most of the conversations on the phone might happen at night, when you are sleeping or even when you are not around. If you've noticed that your partner is now having late night conversations with someone – or even is busy all of the time at work and has no time at all to talk to you or even text you, that's a bad sign.


They Constantly Talk about a 'Friend' They Have

What if your partner is very open about their 'friend' and that they've found an outlet for everything? That can be the case too and that is still an emotional affair. I'm not saying that all of your partner's friends are emotional affairs, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend is always bringing up 'Lucy' or 'Mark' and saying how much they listen and how they are always there for them – that's a bad sign!


Seems Happier when Not Talking to You

How is their mood? Does it seem a lot happier when they get off the phone with their friend and more depressed when they talk to you? That's a huge sign that you have to watch out for. When I fell in love with Lyndsie over the Internet, I was so, so happy to just talk to her and nothing could change that. Keep that in mind girls and guys!


Not Venting as Much

How is the venting going? Does your partner still bring up all of the frustrations and even tell you how their day is going? Do they talk to you about anything deep? If not, that could be a sign that they are talking to their new BFF about all of their fears and deepest secrets instead of to you.


More Protective of Computer

Finally, if your partner is a million times more protective over their laptop and what conversations you see, that's a huge sign that your partner might be having an emotional affair. I'm not saying that you don't need some privacy in your relationship, but if your partner freaks out when you even log into their computer, that's a problem.

Now that you know all of the top signs of an emotional affair, what are some of the effects that you've experienced? Have you ever been wrapped up in an emotional affair?

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All true. Very guilty.

So then if you confide in your BFF you\'re having an emotional affair?


My sisters husband has all these signs

I never really knew the signs of emotional affair until I went through this article. But I went through this same situation with my boyfriend earlier this year with his female friend. It was late night conversation, text message and he would talk about this girl all the time. We went through hell! I even compromise, but they broke it. I told him if he continue to talk to this girl I\'m leaving!

Didn\'t no this though best friends talk to each other about there problems and relationship problems to.

These are signs, but if they have passwords it might be because they don\'t want others logging into their accounts.

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