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15 Tell-Tale Signs That Prove He's into You ...

By Jennifer

Signs he’s into you — are we ever sure we know them all? Why do guys have to leave us guessing? Why can’t they be more direct? No worries, sweetie! If you’re not sure the guy you like returns the feeling, I can help. Here are 7 sure signs that he is into you — use this like a checklist, and see how many apply!

1 He Calls You

He Calls YouMy mother once gave me the best bit of dating advice ever: if a boy likes you, nothing will stop him from calling you. WAIT! I know what you’re thinking — does texting or instant messaging count? Well, sort of. A sure sign that he is into you is that he wants to actually speak to you, hear your voice, so a phone call is still the best indicator. Thanks, mom!

2 He Keeps up with Your Social Media

He Keeps up with Your Social MediaWhen he sent you a friend request (or added you to his circle, or started following you on Twitter), you knew he was a little interested, but now that he comments or likes or re-tweets or plus ones all of your updates and photos, you know he’s into you. Semi cyber stalking on social networking sites (not in a creepy way!) is one of the sure signs that he is into you, for sure!

3 He Remembers Everything You Say

He Remembers Everything You SayTwo weeks ago, over drinks, you mentioned your strawberry allergy, and tonight, at dinner he made sure your salad came without them. He’s paid attention, and remembered what you said — another sign he’s into you!

4 He Finds Excuses to Touch You

He Finds Excuses to Touch YouIf he can’t keep his hands off you (in the non-sexual way), then he’s definitely into you! Examples of this would be holding your hand while crossing the street, putting his hand on your back or waist as you’re walking together, and even brushing your hair out of your eyes.

5 You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

You Catch Him Looking at You All the TimeEvery time you glance his way, he’s either grinning at you, or he looks away quickly, with a shy smile — you catch him looking at you all the time! Oh, girl, he’s got it bad. This is one sure sign he’s into you. By the way, if you’re always glancing over at him… that might mean you’re into him, too!

6 He Wants to Introduce You

He Wants to Introduce YouHe can’t wait for you to meet his friends, his family, his dog, his roommates, his co-workers, and the guys at the gym. If he’s set on introducing you around, then chances are, he’s into you. And he wants everyone he knows to know it, too!

7 He Sends You Flowers, Etc

He Sends You Flowers, EtcMen who don’t intend to stick around don’t send small gifts or flowers for no reason. It’s that simple. If he’s sending you flowers or cards or little handmade friendship bracelets, then oh yes, he’s into you.

8 He Reaches out to You

He Reaches out to YouTry not to talk to him for a little and see what happens. If you don't answer him or initiate contact, how will he respond? If he reaches out to you after he hasn't heard from you for a while, then there's a good chance he's into you! Maybe he was even checking his phone constantly and started to miss you. Either way it's a good sign.

9 Eye Contact

Eye ContactNot every guy is like this, but usually when a guy maintains eye contact with you while talking it's a good sign. There are some guys who get nervous and just can't hold eye contact that much, but for the most part this is a good tell. Bonus points to you if you notice that his pupils get bigger. Supposedly our pupils grow when we look at someone that we have feelings for/are attracted to.

10 Wants to Share Interests

Wants to Share InterestsA lot of times if a guy is into you, he wants to show you what he likes to do and share that with you. Whether it's going for a hike, watching a game, or taking you to a concert of his favorite band it's a good sign. This also works if he wants to do things like this that you like. He's trying to show you more of himself and that's really hard for some people so appreciate it.

11 He Gets Nervous around You

He Gets Nervous around YouThis may be hard to pick up on, but it's not impossible. Try to observe his behavior around other people and then compare it to how he is around you. Maybe you'll notice a nervous laugh, sweaty palms, or he blushes. They're small and subtle hints, but they're definitely good signs.

12 His Body Language

people,tree,screenshot,outa,If you pay close attention, his body language can you tell you everything you need to know. If he leans into you, it shows that he's comfortable around you and wants to be close. Also, pay attention to where his feet are pointing. Supposedly, our feet point to what we want. It's a good little tip to know!

13 He'll Watch a Chick Flick with You

photograph,photography,man,ceremony,bride,If he's got no problem watching Channing Tatum in a rom-com with you, he's so into you... or Channing Tatum. LOL! Chances are he'd rather be home watching a football game so give him props that he's sitting through a sappy movie!

14 He Opens up to You

photograph,photography,ceremony,portrait photography,romance,If he's verbal about his feelings with you, consider that a big deal. Most guys are so out of sync with their emotions! Opening up to you proves that he's comfortable with you and genuinely trusts you.

15 He's Protective of You

photograph,ceremony,event,romance,portrait photography,He can show this in many different ways. If he makes sure you've eaten already, offers his coat when you’re cold, wants to take you to the doctor whenever you're sick, he truly cares about you.

These are the signs I use to tell if a certain guy is into me, and they’ve never let me down. The first one, with the advice from my own mother, is still the best! Which of these signs that he’s into you have you used before? Or is there another way you can tell? Please share!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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