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7 Signs You Are Crushing on Someone ...

By Alicia

There are certain signs you are crushing on someone to look for to be sure if that is how you feel. Sometimes it is difficult to determine our feelings. Sometimes we are not sure if we really like someone or if we are just really good friends. These are some definite signs you are crushing on someone to look for in yourself.

1 You Live for Moments You Are Together

If you live for the moments when you are together, that is one of the signs you are crushing on someone. You find yourself counting down until you see each other again. It may be that you just have one class together or that you only get to work together for a few hours a week. If you are just waiting until those moments happen again, that is a big sign. You can pretty much bet you have a crush with a capital C.

2 You Think about Them a Lot

Do you think about this certain person a lot? Do they seem to occupy your thoughts and your mind a lot? If so, you are probably crushing on them. Unless you are thinking of them in the context of something they are dealing with and how you might help them, it is probably a crush. This is especially true if you spend time thinking about how attractive they are.


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3 You Primp before You See Them

Do you tend to check your makeup before you see this person? Look to make sure your hair is perfectly the way you want it to be? Those are signs you are crushing on someone. If you have a crush on someone, you want to look your best around them. You usually take time to make sure that you do look nice before you see them.

4 You Wonder What They Think of You

Do you wonder what this person thinks of you? If you do and it seems more than a passing thought, you might have a crush on them. If you have a crush on someone, you want them to have good thoughts of you. You want them to find you attractive. You also want them to love your personality and everything else about you.

5 You Think They Are Wonderful

If you just think the person in question is absolutely wonderful then you may be crushing on them. Usually when you have a crush on someone, they can just do no wrong. You think they are just perfect. You can’t find any fault in them. These are very obvious signs of a crush.

6 You Get Nervous before You See Them

If you tend to get nervous before you see them, you may be crushing on them. Maybe your heart feels fluttery. Maybe you feel a bit of nervousness right in the pit of your stomach. If you feel this way plus have some of these other signs, you can mark it down that you absolutely have a crush. It is good to know how you feel about someone though, so figuring it out is a very good thing!

7 You Secretly Hope They Will Ask You out

If you secretly hope this person will ask you out, there is no doubt that you have a crush. Crushes can be a good thing. They can be a beginning to a great and beautiful relationship. The next step after figuring out that you have a crush is to figure out if your crush is crushing back. Then you know your relationship is headed somewhere.

These are 7 signs that you are crushing on them. Do you have any of them? What do you think?

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