Warning Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend ...

By Merarri

Warning Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend ...

One of the worst feelings to have in a relationship is when you think you are seeing signs your boyfriend likes his female friend. You might feel that the relationship that your man has with this other girl is too close for comfort. Below I’m going to share the signs your boyfriend likes his female friend, so you can determine if you should stay or exit the relationship.

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Listen to Your Gut

One of the signs your boyfriend likes his female friend is when your gut is screaming that he is developing feelings for another woman. This inner instinct is an alert system that you should pay attention to. If your gut feeling tells you that your man is up to no good, don’t ignore or make excuses for it. If you are feeling this way, it's time to discuss your concerns, suspicions and fears about the friendship he has with his female friend.


Another important factor to consider is your boyfriend's behavior and actions towards his female friend. Pay attention to how much time they spend together, how often they communicate, and if they have any inside jokes or intimate conversations. If you notice that your boyfriend is prioritizing his female friend over you, it could be a sign that he has feelings for her. Additionally, if he becomes defensive or secretive when you ask about their friendship, it could be a red flag. Trust your instincts and have an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about your concerns.


They Flirt Together

There is harmless flirting and then there is suggestive flirting with sexual innuendos and sexy body language. Take note of how your boyfriend and his female friend act when they are around each other. Think of the way you acted when you began crushing on your man. Are you seeing similarities in her behavior when she is hanging out with him?


Her Name Always Comes up

Think of the conversations you have had with your man lately. Is his female friend always a topic of conversation regardless of the subject that you are talking about? When a guy begins to crush on a girl, he is constantly thinking of her so he frequently talks about her. If you are sick of hearing his female friend’s name because he is always talking about her, I hate to say it but it's highly likely your man is secretly crushing on her.


The warning signs that your boyfriend is crushing on his female friend can be subtle, but they are there. If you notice your boyfriend frequently talking about her, it could be a sign that he is developing romantic feelings for her. Other signs could include him suddenly becoming more interested in his appearance, frequently texting her, or going out of his way to do nice things for her.

Your boyfriend may also start to become more distant with you, or he may start to become more secretive. He may become more protective of his phone or computer, or he may start to hide his conversations with her. He may also start to make excuses to spend time with her or he may start to talk about her in a more positive light than he does other people.

If you're worried that your boyfriend is developing feelings for his female friend, it's important to talk to him about it. While it can be awkward, it's important to be honest with him and let him know how you feel. It's also important to remember that it's okay to have platonic friendships with people of the opposite sex. However, if your boyfriend is exhibiting any of the warning signs mentioned above, it could be a sign that he is developing feelings for her.


She is on a Pedestal

Another sign he is crushing on his female friend is that he puts her on a pedestal so she can do no wrong. For example, when the three of you hang out she is blatantly rude to you, which is a really uncool thing to do, and yet he still manages to defend her. It might seem to you that your boyfriend is wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to his female friend even when she is totally wrong. If it seems like his female friend is Ms. Perfect in his eyes, maybe it's time for you to find a new guy that will always put your feelings and needs first.


Comparing the Two of You

Every good boyfriend knows that he should never compare his girlfriend to another woman. Most guys understand that this is a really hurtful thing to do to a girl that they love. If your man has suddenly started comparing you to his female friend, loud alarm bells should be ringing in your head. When you hear these kinds of comments from him, it means that he is starting to think that she is better than you.

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You Are Uncomfortable

When the three of you hang out, you began to feel like you don’t belong and are the third wheel on their date. When your boyfriend is around her, you feel totally ignored. You notice them having prolonged eye contact and he doesn’t look at her the way he looks at other girls. You can’t even remember when he looked at you in that special way.


She is His Priority

Lately your boyfriend drops everything when she invites him to hang out alone. You are beginning to see a pattern of him blowing you off just so he can spend time with this other female. You feel like you have become second to her. He is spending way more time with his female friend than he does with any other girl, including you. You are so uncomfortable around them, all you want to do is get out of their presence.

If you have discussed your concerns about this friendship with your boyfriend and he doesn’t change his behavior to minimize your worries, it’s time to walk, ladies. Do you have any other tips you can share when a boyfriend likes his female friend?

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my bf has a new job and he made some new friends 2 of which are females... they text and chat and stuff... he usually comes home and talk about them and stuff and I'm ok with it but last night I saw some msgs I don't like so plzz anyone can I have some advice plzz

I'm going through this too. My boyfriend hits on my best friend and my friend Kristi.😒

@ashley you need to have an honest conversation with him and tell him why you're uncomfortable with it. If he wants to hang out outside of work, try all getting together and genuinely trying to befriend them. If they like you and are rooting for your relationship, they'll be much more respectful of his/your boundaries. Best of luck!

I give my input and can carry on an intelligent conversation. He dismisses me and agrees with her on the same exact statement...He acts like I said was stupid and everything I say or do is remedial. What is going on really?

My bf has a female friend who he said he wanted to be with in the past. Well, I wouldn't have a problem with that and the fact that I have met her and her fiance and kids and I am not the jealous type....Its just that the past few times hes gone there, hes told me that he was telling her man to have sex with her and that hes slacking. I asked him whys he worried about sex between them and that I thought it was weird. He said he was just trying to help her out...on next occasion,   she was telling him that she is  pissed cause her man isnt helping around the house and he told me that he was telling her that Im his spoiled brat and he does so much for me, and that shes a good lady and she deserves to be treated better. Im not sure what was all said, but it was from  them looking at purses For ' me' to vitamin shakes and movies. We dont even have the same tastes in fashion and I get ignored when im around. She is nice to me and I have nothing against her. I have an issue with my bf constantly telling me that I should do things around the house and it shouldn't be so nasty, (when I do everyday.) I am a clean freak and I am on top of the house work constantly. Her place, on the other hand is a disaster! Hmmmm.... It's like he looks for anything to get a chance to be the good guy who is 'concerned' for her and that I should be more like her. They are open with telling me that they used to sleep in the same bed together every night with her kids. Idc what they did , thats not my business and it was like 12 yrs ago. I am smart and everything

Kat_With_a_K-ugh what a douche! Glad you got rid of him and recognized your self-worth!

My boyfriend ex have been in his life during 5 years of our relationship together. She said to me that she will be always a family member even though there are no kids involved. She also likes to help him in any possible ways. She just refused to have any relationship after him. I left him because he couldn't say no to her. Always made clear that there relationship is very important to him. So I understand, but I can not understand that she likes to sleep with us in the same hotel room like a part of our relationship

Great article, thanks for the tips! sadly, i'm dealing with this at the moment.

It happened to me once. I thought it was just a crush, so I simply said "We need to talk about Luci." Well, I got more than I bargained for because suddenly he threw his phone down and yelled "God, I told everyone who was at that party not to tell you! We only made out twice, Jesus Christ!" Needless to say, we broke up.