7 Signs Your Flirting Might Lead to Cheating ...


Flirting seems like an innocent behavior but it can lead to cheating. How do you know if your flirting is going to be harmless or if it’s a risk for your relationship? These 7 signs listed below are red flags that your flirting might lead to cheating. Becoming aware of them can help you to make the decision whether to break off the flirtation or end your current relationship.

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You’re Bored in Your Current Relationship

Relationships can become comfortable. You get to know each other’s strong points and little quirks. You can get in a routine together of where to go on dates, what to do when you hang out, etc. All of those are good things but they can get a little boring. When you’re bored with your relationship, you’re more likely to cheat because you miss the excitement.


His Compliments Make You Feel Gorgeous

Who doesn’t love a compliment? Flattery has opened the door to cheating for more than one person. It’s okay if someone compliments you and it makes you feel good; that’s normal! Just be careful not to get carried away. You don’t want to jeopardize your relationship for a nice compliment.


You Look Forward to Seeing Him More than Your Boyfriend

You’re getting into dangerous territory here. When you find yourself anticipating seeing the guy that’s flirting with you, be very careful. You’re on the verge of cheating. It could easily happen because you’re keeping him in your thoughts quite frequently. This’s where you need to decide if you want to end the flirtation to protect your relationship or break things off to pursue your flirtation.


You’re Not Sure Your Boyfriend is the Right One

Sometimes you’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to have a lot of spark. Maybe you’re with them because there’s no one better to date. You often wonder if he’s the one for you. In this situation, it could be that you’re better off getting out of the relationship. Of course, that’s a decision only you can make for yourself.


Things Haven’t Been Great Lately in Your Relationship

It’s easier for someone to catch your eye when things aren’t going well in your relationship. This’s the time you need to evaluate your relationship. Are you just going through a rough patch or is the relationship truly not right for you? Your intuition can be a great guide. Just don’t make the decision without careful thought.


You Find Yourself Comparing Him to Your Boyfriend

Is this happening? Do you find yourself comparing the guy you’re flirting with to your boyfriend? It’s easy to do but you have to remember you don’t know the new guy well enough to truly compare them. It isn’t a fair measurement. But this can be a sign that you’re not content in your present relationship and want something different. Just do the honest thing and tell your boyfriend if you decide you want to pursue a relationship with someone else.


You Fantasize about the Object of Your Flirtation

This’s a big red flag, too. If you’re fantasizing about the object of your flirtation, your relationship is on shaky ground. Take this as sign you need to do some serious thinking. Of course you don’t want to cheat so you need to make a decision. Do you want to pursue the flirtation and see if there’s a future there? If so, let your boyfriend know you’re ready to go separate ways.

These’re 7 signs your flirting might lead to cheating. Are you in this position? Have you been there in the past?

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