Undeniable Signs πŸ”„β†•οΈ Your Heart πŸ’• Belongs to More than One ...

So many people like πŸ’œ to say that it's impossible to be in love πŸ’“ with more than one 1️⃣ person, but it's really not impossible at all. It might not be an ideal situation, but then again, you might be interested or actively into the poly lifestyle. Either way, it can be hard to know that you've given your heart πŸ’œ to more than one 1️⃣ person πŸ‘€ simply because it's not the β€œtraditional” way of doing things, so it's not always obvious even to you. So how do you know? Well, for starters, these signs paint 🎨 a pretty clear πŸ†‘ picture.

1. Your Daydreams Drift between One 1️⃣ or the Other … or Both

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Daydreaming πŸ’­ about your special someone is something we all do. It's a sign 🚳 that your heart πŸ’œ and mind are divided if your daydreams are equally divided between two 2️⃣ people πŸ‘₯ – or if they include both people. The point πŸ“ is, you can't focus on πŸ”˜ just one 1️⃣ of them, even when you're spinning out silly πŸ˜‹ fantasies in the middle of the day. You just can't make up πŸ‘† your mind. You can't even force πŸ’ͺ your imagination πŸ™Œ to decide between the two 2️⃣ people 🚻 who take up πŸ‘† all your thoughts.

2. Your Mind Wanders during Sex, Too

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This one 1️⃣ gets tricky. You can be with one 1️⃣ of the people πŸ‘₯ you're so interested in, and you can really be enjoying yourself, but your mind still strays to the other guy πŸ‘¨ or girl 🚺 you like πŸ’œ – love. It happens no πŸ™… matter which one 1️⃣ you're with and you just can't help it. They both turn 🎲 you on, they both satisfy you, and they both excite you.

3. In Fact, You Always Think about Person πŸ‘¨ a when You're with Person πŸ‘¦πŸ½ B – and Vice Versa

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If your heart πŸ’” truly does belong to more than one 1️⃣ person, then you'll always find yourself thinking πŸ’­ of both of them. When you're with Person πŸ‘¦πŸ½ A, you're thinking πŸ’­ about Person πŸ‘¨ B, and when you're with Person πŸ‘¨ B, you're thinking πŸ’­ about Person πŸ‘§πŸ» A. When you're by yourself, your thoughts are probably filled with both of the people πŸ‘₯ you love.

4. You Avoid Getting Serious with Either of Them Because You Want Both of Them

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Even if one 1️⃣ of the people πŸ‘₯ you're involved with pushes for something more serious, long-term, or monogamous, you just can't bring yourself to do it. You avoid the topic yourself because you feel like πŸ’š you can't choose between them. You want both of them.

5. You Can't Decide Which One 1️⃣ to Share the Important Things with

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Something amazing happens – or something terrible, something sad, something serious. You have news πŸ“° to share. Your first 1️⃣ instinct is to call πŸ“ž the person 🚹 who means the most to you. Who do you call? More than one 1️⃣ person πŸ‘¨ has your heart, so you want to tell both of them. You can't pick which one 1️⃣ to get in touch with first.

6. They Each Fulfill Something You Need in a Relationship

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Together, maybe, they'd be the perfect πŸ‘Œ mate – but separately, they're still able to fulfill certain things you need. Each one 1️⃣ of them does something for you or to you, they fill some need you have. That, of course, leaves 🌿 you fulfilled, no 🚫 matter which one 1️⃣ you're with at the time, and who wants to give up πŸ†™ a feeling like πŸ’œ that?

7. You Just Know – Your Heart's Telling You

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You know what it feels like πŸ’– when you're in love. You know how you feel, specifically. If your heart πŸ’ does indeed belong to more than one 1️⃣ person, you know. You know that you know. You might feel confused ❓ on πŸ”› the surface of things, but deep down, you know what's going πŸ‘£ on.

Have you ever been in love πŸ’š with more than one 1️⃣ person? Tell us how you knew and how you dealt with the situation!

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