Simple Signs to Know He's Going to Disappoint You in Bed ...

By Neecey

When you start dating someone, inevitably your thoughts will, at some point, turn to what it will be like to have sex with him. And it’s important that they do. Sex is a huge factor in relationships and knowing you’re sexually compatible is a major consideration if you want to be with this guy long term. But how can you tell? Just what signals can you look for that sexual disappointment is on the horizon?

1 He’s a Really, Really Bad Kisser

Seriously though, if he can’t master one of the most basic acts of intimacy that a couple can share, how on earth do you think he is going to be able to give you pleasure in other ways? If his tongue doesn’t know what it is doing, it’s a big indicator that he won’t know what to do with any other parts of his body, too!

2 He’s a Selfish Guy in Most Aspects of His Life

If he is the sort of guy who always puts himself first in most life situations, then it is pretty likely that he is going to put himself first in the bedroom. A selfish lover might not even realize that they are doing it, but their inherent narcissism will result in them getting what they need out of the encounter without thinking much about giving you the pleasure that you deserve along the way.

3 He is Always in a Rush

If he’s the kind of guy that always does half a job and wants to rush on to the next thing, it doesn’t bode well for a good experience in the bedroom! The best sex is the sex where both partners take their time and make sure that you’re both happy and satisfied at every moment. If he is in a rush, he will do a half-assed job that will leave you very unsatisfied.

4 He’s Not AaParticularly Active Person

A slob in the streets is going to be slob in the sheets; it’s as simple as that! If he lives an unhealthy, non-active lifestyle, then having sex with him isn’t going to be the most enjoyable or dynamic experience you have ever had. It will probably result in you having to do all of the work, and who wants to do all the work when it takes two to tango?

5 He is Easily Distracted All the Time

If his attention span is completely out of whack, then the chances are that he won’t be invested enough in your intimacy to really satisfy you in the way that you want. Sure, the physical aspect might be there, but if his mind is wondering then you won’t be getting the emotional connection that is so important too.

6 He Has Some Seriously Bad Hygiene

This one is a no brainer when you think about it! If he has noticeably bad hygiene when wearing clothes and in normal everyday situations, then that bad hygiene is only going to be intensified when you get up close and personal! Also, do you really want to be getting so physically intimate with somebody who clearly doesn’t have much respect for their own body?

7 He Refuses to Try Anything New

Being adventurous in the bedroom can be really fun, and if he is stubborn and doesn’t want to try anything new from to time, then it probably boils down to the fact that in bed he’ll be happy with vanilla and won’t care if your needs aren’t being met.

8 He is Always Bragging about His Romantic Conquests

As a general rule, those guys who are so vocal about their sex lives are usually compensating for something and are really not that prolific in the bedroom! It’s the strong, silent types you should be looking out for. They don’t need to brag; they can just show you when the time is right!

9 He Tends to Avoid Eye Contact

Emotional intimacy is a huge part of having great sex, so if he struggles to meet your eye during normal every day activities, it doesn’t bode well for being able to make a strong connection during making love.

Of course, you may notice these signs and your man turns out to be dynamite in bed. But spotting them, well, at least you’re prepared.

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