The Signs 💟☮️ to Help You Decide 🤔 if It's Real Love 💘 or Just Infatuation 😍 ...

Are you in love or are you just infatuated? Those feelings aren't interchangeable, but it's easy to get them mixed up – especially if you've never experienced real love before. Sometimes, infatuation even seems like it's the better choice. It's all about heat, fire, passion, and excitement. Infatuation is all about waiting for the phone to ring and always wondering when you're going to hear from the person. Love, on the other hand, has a stability that's easy to mistake for boring, but again, only if you've never experienced it.

1. Love is a Choice, Lust is a Reaction

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You may feel an instant attraction to someone and fall in love with them later, absolutely. However, although we don't choose who we love, who attracts us, we do make the choice to fall in love. It's a conscious thing, is what I mean. Lust is a chemical reaction. It can hit you anywhere and anyone can make you feel it -- even someone you're only attracted to in that moment.

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