Signs Your New Relationship is Moving Too Fast ...


Signs Your New Relationship is Moving Too Fast ...
Signs Your New Relationship is Moving Too Fast ...

Are you currently in a new relationship? Does this one happen to feel a little different to the ones before it in terms of the pace that things seem to be progressing at? It's important to be on the lookout for signs your relationship is moving too fast. Sometimes, this can happen when you have truly found ‘the one’, and if so, then congratulations, that’s amazing! However, statistics will tell you that more often than not, you haven’t found the one and that for some reason or another, you are venturing into new, uncharted territory with a guy that probably isn’t going to be your soul mate! In order to save a lot of heartbreak later on, here are some signs your relationship is moving too fast.

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No Personal Space

chin, muscle, girl, A perfectly paced relationship will naturally allow room for both you and your boo to enjoy your own personal time as well as time together, but if the relationship seems to be going unnaturally quick, then personal space and time is usually the thing that gets sacrificed in favour of living on top of each other and spending no time apart. If you can’t find time to re-centre and re-focus yourself in the midst of the coupling, then it is set to implode at some point. This is definitely one of the biggest signs your relationship is moving too fast.


Go Everywhere Together

black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, Does your new partner invite you to go everywhere with them? From shopping to the gym to more important things like meeting their family after only a short period of time? In one way this is good because it shows a lot of commitment and loyalty, but on the other hand you need to assess whether this early stage of a relationships warrants such behaviour. Could it be an indicator that he is going to be a jealous and overbearing partner in the future?


Meeting the Parents

glasses, eyewear, vision care, girl, black hair, And this leads on to the more general issue of meeting parents before you think you are ready. Meeting a partner’s family is a really important step, and one that is usually undertaken when feelings have reached a point where both parties can see this thing lasting. If you still see him as a casual fling but he wants to take you out to dinner to meet his folks, then there is definitely a difference in your approach to this new partnership that needs to be addressed.


Future Planning

snapshot, girl, darkness, interaction, black hair, It’s easy to get carried away when you are still on a high from the beginning of a new relationship, but make sure that you are careful with the kinds of future plans you start to talk about. It’s fun to talk about things like kids and marriage, but note that he might be experiencing deeper feelings than you and taking them to heart more. You don’t want to get in a situation where you are faced with a marriage proposal just a few months in because of something that you said off hand!


Feeling Constricted

girl, love, fun, happiness, smile, If your young relationship has got to a point where you are feeling constricted and constrained, then that is a clear sign that things have moved too quickly. When it’s going right, you will want to be a part of it at every turn, but when things start to speed up against your will, you will start looking for ways to get out!

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