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What It Means when He Doesn't Answer Your Texts ...

By Sici

Wondering what it means when he doesn't answer your texts? For as long as cell phones have been a big part of everyone’s lives, texting has been a big part of everyone’s relationships and romantic interests! It’s a stone cold fact that when you first meet someone that you develop a crush on, the majority of your interaction with each other is most likely done via text. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, because texting gives you the chance to think about things before you say them, and you can also be a little more cheeky when you aren’t necessarily face to face! However, a problem can sometimes arise when, for reasons you are fully aware of, he starts to get in to the habit of not answering your messages. Here is what it means when he doesn't answer your texts.

1 He’s Busy

electronic device, product, Maybe you are jumping to all the wrong conclusions, the most likely reason is that he is genuinely busy! Our social and professional lives are busier now then they have ever been, so it is understandable that he might go a little bit quiet if he has a big deadline coming up or big meeting to prepare for. Make sure you have all the facts before starting a row! Being busy is one of the best answers for what it means when he doesn't answer your texts.

2 Too Much Too Fast

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, girl, long hair, He might be giving you the slight cold shoulder because he has suddenly come to the conclusion that things between you are developing too fast. For some reason, men have a tendency to jump in with both feet but then still want to keep a hand gripping to the side of the pool. Consider if you think you have taken things forward too quickly.


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3 Not Interested

yellow, lighting, girl, darkness, Could it be that he legitimately isn’t interested, and you have let your own feelings for him create a scenario that isn’t representative of the truth? He might have been engaging in messages with you because he didn’t want to leave you high and dry, but if he isn’t interested in you romantically then there is going to have to be cut off point at some time or another.

4 He Forgot!

muscle, shoulder, girl, arm, chest, Men are often simple creatures; they don’t always have such a high perception of flirting intricacies as us girls do! If he doesn’t reply to the first messages, don’t fly off the handle straight away. Leave it a little while and then send a follow-up text, you will be surprised by how many guys will reply with an apology because they saw the message at work, put their phone back in their pocket, and then completely forgot about it!

5 Seeing Someone else

girl, Could it be that he isn’t fully invested in your messaging chain because he is having to juggle more than just one? If you sense that he isn’t giving you his full attention on a regular basis, it might very well be down to the fact that he is dividing his attention between two, three or even more ladies at the same time!

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