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The Surprising Physical Signs of a Bad Relationship ...

By Crystal

Sometimes the signs of a bad relationship aren't just emotional. In fact, many people experience physical side effects and don't realize it until the symptoms disappear after the breakup. If you've been feeling run down and sick without actually being ill, take a long hard look at your relationship. If you're not happy, be on the look out for the physical signs of a bad relationship.

1 Weight Fluctuations

One of the more noticeable signs of a bad relationship is sudden weight fluctuations. Toxic relationships often make you feel insecure. As a result, you might start stress eating or trying extreme diets to feel better about yourself. Either way, friends and family will notice and hopefully ask you what's wrong. Weight fluctuations are normal with women, but sudden changes mixed with a not-so-happy relationship are a sign something's wrong.

2 Stuffy Nose

I know it sounds strange, but it's actually true. Bad relationships often make women feel depressed. Depression can lead to a weakened immune system. This makes you more susceptible to allergies, sinus infections, colds and the flu. If you find yourself getting sick more often or just have a chronic stuffy nose, the problem might be the relationship. Of course, check with your doctor too for any underlying issues.

3 Stomach Pain

You know those knots you get in your stomach when you're worried? The more stressed you are, the more you stomach seems to knot up. Eventually, you end up with stomach pain. The anxiety you feel in a bad relationship could leave you with an aching mid-section. It's not until you've had a chance to relax for several days that the pain starts to subside. If you notice pains appear when your partner is around only to disappear when they leave, blame the relationship.

4 Headaches

It's no surprise that stress causes headaches. Combine stress with your inner pessimist making you second guess everything and you're in for a major headache. Bad relationships always leave you guessing and wondering if you're good enough or making sure you don't do anything to offend your partner. Being around someone who loves you shouldn't mean you have to suffer with blinding head pain.

5 Body Aches

The more anxious or stressed I become, the more I feel it physically. For instance, when I'm really tense, my neck, shoulders and arms become achy. Until I relax for a few days, nothing quite gets rid of the pain. The same is true with toxic relationships. All the negative emotions you bottle up inside need an outlet. The tension in your body turns into random aches. If the aches keep coming back when you're around your significant other, the relationship might need to end.

6 Upset Stomach

Some women tend to lose weight as a relationship worsens because their stomachs are too upset to eat much. They're too worried about trying to be perfect to keep their partner around or making a bad relationship work somehow, that they honestly feel sick. Think of it as a mild form of motion sickness every time you think about your relationship. It's not fun and it's not healthy. The phrase worried sick is actually true. If you experience lack of appetite or sudden weight loss that's not due to an illness, look carefully at your relationship.

7 Dark Circles

Another more noticeable sign a relationship isn't good for you is dark circles under your eyes. Bad relationships cause excess amounts of stress. The more stressed you are, the harder it becomes to sleep peacefully. This leads to circles and bags under your eyes. If you can't find any other legitimate reason for the stress increase, think about your relationship and how it's affecting you.

Bad relationships really are unhealthy. If you have doubts and you're experiencing physical symptoms, it might be time to talk things out or let each other go. Have you ever had any physical signs during a bad relationship?


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