Warning Signs 🚨 You're in a "Passing Time" ⏳ Relationship πŸ˜” ...


You want to know that your relationship has a future but how do you tell? Hope doesn’t get you far in knowing if he’s in it for keeps. Successful and long term relationship can be generally β€œmeasured” by hallmarks such as progression, commitment, trust, respect, care and commitment. However, these can be easily undermined and manifest as signs that your partner is just passing time with your relationship.

1. Infrequent Contact

Infrequent Contact

Not all relationships mean that you have to be living in each other’s pockets 24/7, but there might be a sign that your hearts are not in it when you realize that you hardly spend any time together at all.

Mostly Electronic Contact


This sounds an awful lot like my current "relationship". He's forever cancelling plans, is always busy, and never puts in any effort. πŸ˜’
This article is so true! Was in a relationship with a guy that never spent time with me mostly talked on phone and he bought me things but time is more valuable materialistic things can be replaced. Lesson learned!
If my bf read this he would disagree w/ every point or state that he isn't guilty to even one! Sad but true!
True !
Bettina Julie
Wow my boyfriend find this funny!
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