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When you first start dating someone, meaningful romantic gestures just sort of flow out of you because everything is so new and exciting! When things progress, often times the romance dwindles and not because you love the person less. In fact you may be more in love, but the newness and initial excitement is gone. Here are some simple yet meaningful romantic gestures that will help you keep the romance alive!

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Cook His Favorite Meal

After a crazy long day, besides looking forward to spending time with you, sometimes a hot, home cooked meal of his favorite dish is just the key to saying "I love you". It's more than just food, it's the thought behind it. You took the time to keep your partner in your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Cooking their favorite meal(s) once a week is one of the most meaningful romantic gestures - especially if it's a surprise!


Surprise Him with an Unexpected Gift

All of us appreciate a little gift now and then. Gifts are a physical reminder of the bond two people share. Keep an eye out for what your significant other has been interested in lately; maybe it's books, a new wallet, or a new pair of shoes. One day out of the blue, surprise your honey with a little gift they weren't expecting! It will surely hit a romantic note with them and make you feel super good as well.


Leave a Hidden Love Note

Remember in middle school when you would write little love notes back and forth to your crushes? Well, bring back those days by writing a more sophisticated love note to your special someone! Stick it in his work bag, gym bag or car - somewhere where it's sure to be seen! A little note of love and appreciation can make his day.


Know Each Other's Love Language and Act on It Accordingly

Do you know your partner's love language? A love language is whatever you respond to romantically and what blesses your heart. Maybe it's acts of service, words of encouragement, or gifts - whatever it may be, know each other's well and use it to bless one another!


Take Care of Your Physical Appearance

I see this phenomenon a lot with married couples or couples who have been together for a long time. Once the initial spark fades and you're not trying to "impress" them anymore, sometime you can lose interest in keeping your appearances up. Especially with moms, this can be easy to slip into. Don't go there - don't let yourself go. Despite what your partner says about you looking beautiful in your sweatpants and unkempt hair (I'm sure that's true!), they DO care about you taking care of yourself for you and for them. It says they're worth it! Not only that, you'll feel better when you look ready for the day's events!

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Plan a Romantic Getaway

I love romantic getaways, don't you? Every year my husband and I take a short trip to a different city in the U.S. I almost never know the location of our trip - just what I need to pack to be comfy given the weather and planned activities. This year (or the quickly approaching new year!) think about planning a little surprise getaway adventure with your lover! It's bound to be a fun and exciting experience for the both of you.


Compliment Each Other in Public

Want to really tug at your partner's heart strings? Compliment him in front of your family and friends! Don't be over-the-top, but do be genuine and appreciative. He'll feel confident and loved and others will see how amazing he is and how much you think of him.

It's always a good idea to keep the magic alive in your relationship, whether you've been together 2 months or 20 years! What are some ways you love to show your romantic side to your partner?

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You are really cute lil Lou lou

My ex and I use to do that all the time. I really enjoyed that. I'd be running late to work just having a bad day and when I go to start my motorcycle there would be a note under my ignition lid. It would totally change the way i felt about my day . I would smile on my own and just feel great I was then looking forward to see her soon.

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