7 Secrets to a Great Kiss That You Will Thanks Us for ...


7 Secrets to a Great Kiss That You Will Thanks Us for ...
7 Secrets to a Great Kiss That You Will Thanks Us for ...

Want to know the secrets to a great kiss? Becoming a great kisser does take some experience, but it also takes some technique. We all know the basics behind kissing, but there are some subtle nuances that we might not all be aware of. Whether this is your very first kiss or you’re kissing someone new, read up on these secrets to a great kiss that could potentially make your next kiss the best ever!

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Check Your Breath

Before we get into the secrets to a great kiss, let’s back up a bit. Before you go in for a kiss, make sure your breath is fresh and clean. I don’t know anyone who enjoys kissing someone with bad breath. Brush your teeth and tongue or pop a mint beforehand so your breath will be as sweet as your kiss. Also, regularly moisturize your lips so they’re soft and super smoochable!


Start Slow

Another kissing tip to definitely keep in mind is to start slow. There’s no hurry, so don’t kiss like you are. Start with your mouth closed, especially if you’re kissing someone for the first time. Work up to using your tongue if you feel comfortable; there are no rules that say you must use your tongue in order to have a great kiss! Do what feels natural and don’t ever feel the need to push yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with.


Lean in

When you’re going in for a kiss or on the receiving end of a kiss, lean in to the kiss and tilt your head. This shows you’re into the kiss, but it also makes for a more pleasurable kiss. This might seem weird in the beginning, but soon it will become automatic and feel very natural. Closing your eyes also heightens the experience and you can avoid starting awkwardly at your partner’s nose.


Put Your Body into It

Kissing might seem like something that only involves your mouth, but the key to a great kiss is to put your whole body into it. If you and your partner feel comfortable, put your body into it by leaving a trail of kisses on the neck or placing your hands around your partner or on their face. You can usually sense whether or not your partner is comfortable by their kiss. If you’re unsure, wait; there’s no need to rush things!


The Long and Short of It

How long should the kiss last? Sometimes, the kiss will be short and sweet, other times it’ll be long and luscious. Either way, do what feels natural. There are no rules that indicate you have to kiss for a certain period of time or that you have to be the one to pull away first. Some people think that pulling away from the kiss first leaves the other person wanting more, but do what you feel in the moment.


Open up

When you feel ready, gently open your mouth when you kiss. You don’t have to open your mouth super wide, start off small at first and gradually open up wider. You can also use some tongue when you’re ready. Start off by gently placing your tongue on your partner’s tongue and if you both feel comfortable, move your tongue deeper into their mouth. Be sure you pay attention to your partner’s movements so the two of you are in sync.


Take a Breather

When it comes to kissing and breathing, short kisses are easy, you can hold your breath. But when you’re in the middle of a long kiss, it’s not always possible to hold your breath and you probably don’t want to. Breathe through your nose or pull back slightly and get some air. Do it very subtly and when you’re ready, continue kissing!

Kissing someone for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! The key is to do what you both feel comfortable with and take it slow. While there are some basics to kissing, you’ll find that there are many types of kisses and kissing styles. So no matter how many times you’ve kissed, these kissing tips can help ensure that your next kiss is a memorable one! Do you have any kissing tips that you’d like to share?

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