17 Skills We All Want Our Boyfriends to Have ...


It's impossible to find a man who's capable of doing everything. However, that can't stop us from daydreaming about it. Here are a few skills we all want our boyfriends to have:

1. Cooking


It would be nice to come home to an elaborate meal after a hard day at work. If he's a good chef, then that fantasy can become a reality.



Courtney Tucker
My boyfriend is an amazing dancer and we just like to dance around the house sometimes and it's the sweetest thingπŸ’ž
Lavi X
The vacuum move is funy.. wat if he trips 😁
Lavi X
Av been watching pretty little liars and number 12 pops up haha
Ordinary Girl
The guy I like is a musician who does concerts, so there's two. He's hilarious and always know how to make me smile. He dresses nice, and he's so much more that I could ever deserve. Probably why he doesn't like me back πŸ˜‚
I only want my partner to have six of these, and my boyfriend has all of them except for one
Cindee Schneider
Aside from reading my mind, my husband does all of these things! Aren't I the lucky one?!!!
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