How to Explain What a Fuckboy Really is ...

By Heather

If you're on the dating scene or the internet in general, you've probably heard the term “fuckboy,” right? Its place in the lexicon of dating is pretty well-entrenched by now, but not everybody knows what it is or how you can tell if a guy is, in fact, a fuckboy. See, it doesn't simply refer to a guy who likes sex. It doesn't even necessarily refer to a boy who's trying to get laid. No, a fuckboy is the boy who will send you unsolicited dick pics, then call you a slut when you turn him down. A fuckboy is … well, take a look for yourself.

Table of contents:

  1. a boy who thinks relationships are bullshit
  2. he really isn't into you …
  3. ...he just wants sex all the time
  4. he thinks about himself most of the time
  5. he does have charisma...
  6. … and a hot ass body
  7. he is fantastic in bed
  8. but you don't want him to stick around in the morning …
  9. … because for as good as they are in bed, they are bad everywhere else
  10. they won't text you back
  11. tinder is the only dating app on their phone
  12. he has no real ambition
  13. there's a lot of smoke and mirrors with him
  14. he is charming when you first meet him
  15. he'll compliment your body a lot
  16. he will buy you one drink
  17. he'll dance with you – and then ask you to go home with him

1 A Boy Who Thinks Relationships Are Bullshit

Mainly because no one ever wants to be in one with him. His loathing probably comes down to one defining relationship from his past.

2 He Really Isn't into You …

Which is cool. Not everyone's interested in everyone else.

3 ...he Just Wants Sex All the Time

But this is not cool. This is not cool at all.

4 He Thinks about Himself Most of the Time

Other people are just props. They're bit players, he's the star.

5 He Does Have Charisma...

Of course he does. Don't they always?

6 … and a Hot Ass Body

Although this is not required. Plenty of fuckboys do not have stereotypically hot ass bodies.

7 He is Fantastic in Bed

Possibly. Not always, but a lot of the time.

8 But You Don't Want Him to Stick around in the Morning …

You actually probably want to kick him out the second you wake up.

9 … Because for as Good as They Are in Bed, They Are Bad Everywhere else

Trying to have a deep conversation with a fuckboy, for instance, usually does not go well.

10 They Won't Text You Back

Ever. However, if you don't text back, prepare for your fuckboy to bring the rage.

11 Tinder is the Only Dating App on Their Phone

Tinder is all they need.

12 He Has No Real Ambition

Such a shame. He could put that charisma to much better use.

13 There's a Lot of Smoke and Mirrors with Him

Nothing is ever quite as it seems because he's perfected the art of changing himself.

14 He is Charming when You First Meet Him
So charming. So, so charming you may not realize what you're dealing with at first.

15 He'll Compliment Your Body a Lot

A whole lot. To the point where you might feel like a walking pair of boobs instead of an actual person with thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

16 He Will Buy You One Drink

Beware of the offer to buy more than one because he might expect you to pay for it in other ways.

17 He'll Dance with You – and then Ask You to Go Home with Him

And then the cycle repeats.

Time to spill the dirt, ladies. Have any of you had to deal with a fuckboy?

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