7 Types of Pervy Guys You Really Need to Stay Away from ...

By Neecey

7 Types of Pervy Guys You Really Need to Stay Away from ...

If you’re lucky, a man will show his true colors on the first date and you won’t have wasted much time on investing in a relationship. Not everyone is so open during the early dates though so you might find it takes a couple of dates to realize that, actually, this guy is not a very nice guy at all. Here are the types of guys to be on the lookout for and to run from … as fast as your heels will take you.

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The Touchy-Feely Guy

The Touchy-Feely Guy I think we all know somebody like this, whether it’s a family friend or somebody in the office: the kind of guy that can’t say a single word to you without rubbing your arm or putting his hand on your back. And god forbid you ever actually agree to go out on a date with this kind of guy. He’ll be trying to play footsy with you at the restaurant before you have even ordered drinks and seen the menu!


The Talker

The Talker I’m not talking about the kind of guy that likes to have nice, in-depth conversations. I’m talking about the kind of guy who goes straight to talking about sex before you have even really got to know each other. For an adult to be constantly talking about boobs like a 14-year old is not an attractive quality, and it hints to the fact that he isn’t really interested in anything more than getting you in to bed.


The Flasher!

The Flasher! One of the key pervy types to watch out for is the flasher! This kind of guy only gets his kicks from shock value and wanting to put people in an awkward situation by being an exhibitionist. The delusion that they have means that they think you might actually want to see their private parts in the middle of a busy street, but any normal person knows that that is definitely not something that anybody wants to see, ever! No full moon tonight please.


The Forcer

The Forcer Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we can find ourselves out on a date with a guy that we thought was perfectly nice, but half way through the night you can feel that it’s not going to work out because all he seems to be interested in is getting the check and getting you back to his place to try his luck. These guys think that trying to force you to sleep with them is kind of playful, but it’s nothing but “rapey” and you need to stay well clear.


The Booty Caller

The Booty Caller We all have one of these guys in our phone; sometimes a figure from your college past, sometimes a previous blind date. You only ever hear from them when it is abundantly clear that they are looking for a late night booty call. If they only get in touch when they want some action, then they really aren’t interested in you as an actual person.

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The PDA Lover

The PDA Lover It’s great to have a boyfriend that is proud to be with you, but sometimes it can go overboard if his constant need for public displays of affection is starting creep out the people who are nearby!


The Peeping Tom

The Peeping Tom You can notice a peeping tom type of guy straight away. He’s the kind of guy who works at the desk opposite you at work who cannot help but stare straight at your boobs every 10 minutes. He thinks he’s being sly, but you know exactly what he’s doing and you should probably tell HR about it! And if he’s doing it on a date, it’s time to bale.

Don’t get stuck with any of these pervy guys. You won’t change them without a great deal of hard work – if at all. Invest your energy in a nice guy worthy of you.

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I have never heard of "the flasher" before! Does that really happen?

@kirsten johnson i think flashers are strangers who show their awful naked safe to women in public places like public transport.

Oh... 😳 I live in a small town, so I've never experienced anything like that!

#1 true

#3 is a rather strange one to include on the list. Flashers aren't looking for relationships, what they are doing is committing a crime. In my country (UK) it's called indecent exposure. Also, it's important to know that men who commit supposedly 'low level' or 'minor' crimes such as flashing usually escalate to more severe crimes. Recently in my country there were two high-profile rape+murder cases (Libby Squire and Sarah Everard) where the perpetrators were known flashers but the police did nothing; they were only stopped when they escalated to committing rape and murder.

Naked selves...

The guys who think you 'wanted' their di** pics,they are honest to god the absolute worst