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There are many things guys look for in a girl when they are trying to pursue a relationship. Obviously, not all guys look for the same traits in a girl, but there are several robust qualities most guys do tend to look for. I have many guy friends who have given me insight into what they look for when they are trying to find a girl to date, so I have compiled a list of seven easy-to-remember "S" things guys look for in a girl in order to date her.

1. Single

Of all the things guys look for in a girl, this one is the most self-explanatory. If a guy is actively looking for a relationship, the first thing he'll want to know is if you are single and available to be in a relationship (or at least most guys want to know this).



How come lesbians, bi/poly/demi/pan/a/ect sexuals/romantics don't get any play on this app? I, for one, would love to see how you write an article about the differences between these, ways of self-acc...
MK Corpuz
William Brandon Loo
If you're strong you shouldn't be overpowering the guy like being all demanding and controlling. Guys also like a woman who's gentle and sensitive but not overly sensitive. Being emotionally strong is a plus😄
sanitary, no guy wants a girl who smells like a gutter.
That all me ;)
@Karina or maybe y'all are just weird
Only strong men can handle strong woman... The question is how many of those are out there anyway? :)
Sophisticated duh
@Karina: who needs a man, anyway....
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