7 Strange Things Guys Find Attractive in Women ...


We know a lot of things that guys find attractive but did you know that there are some strange things guys find attractive? I really didn’t know that most of these things were things guys find attractive until I worked on this article. I have found the information for this article on strange things guys find attractive through some interviews with guys as well as some research. I hope it is as enlightening to you as it was to me.

1. Fear


Fear is the first thing on my list of strange things guys find attractive. When I first read this, I thought it was awful! A guy wanted his girl to be scared? But as I read, I began to understand more. Guys don’t want to wish deep fear on a girl but seeing her a little afraid gives him the chance to step in, comfort her and play the hero.

Seeing Her a Mess


applying make up f
applying make up f
no normal human looks like that while putting makeup on xD
the stretch mark one got me! glasses I've know👍
The stretch marks was very surprising to me:)
Victoria Divina
Wow! I'm surprised by that GLASSES THING! It really helped! Thank you @Alicia
I agree with most of them, he doesn't like camo and I don't have stretch marks but in my relationship everything else fits just right
Hey gurls I would just like to say that I have a crush on the lurv moktor up there xx69
What about the women who have stretch marks from gaining weight .How can u totally embrace that especially when your constantly reminded by women like Beyonce who has none
I am loved for my little belly and soft mild plumpness
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