7 Men's Body Parts That Women Love ...


7 Men's Body Parts That Women Love ...
7 Men's Body Parts That Women Love ...

Men’s body parts that women love are one of those things that can drive women absolutely crazy! It’s what makes you and I gush over our favourite celebrities, and you can’t deny it will be a treat seeing it on your man. Take a peek at the list below and let me know which one of these men’s body parts that women love is your favourite!

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arm,muscle,pattern,tattoo,abdomen, I can’t put my finger on why exactly it’s one of the biggest turn-ons, but this glorious muscle, these leading lines that lie above the hip bones and delicately between the torso, running downwards diagonally to the (ahem!), forming a distinct V, these sharp muscular curves are simply so darn irresistible on a man. Am I right, ladies? The pelvic muscle is one of the sexiest men’s body parts that women love and if you've seen the ones on Adam Levine that would convince you why. Now who wants to ogle at a six-pack or eight-pack when it’s the V that makes women go va-va-voom!


Women love men's V-lines because they represent strength and masculinity. The V-line is a muscular curve that runs from the hips to the abdominal area, creating a distinct V-shape. This body part is particularly attractive to women because it shows off a man's physique in a very flattering way. The pelvic muscle is also a major turn-on for many women, and is often highlighted in the V-line. Adam Levine's V-line is often cited as an example of how attractive this body part can be. Men's V-lines are a subtle yet powerful way to show off their physique, and it's no surprise that women find them so attractive.



hair,clothing,person,lady,photography, Strong jawlines are the weakness of many women and as if you need any excuse to lust over these facial lines, the way the jaw ticks when men get angry is double the hotness! I imagine it must be hard to stay angry at your man for long if this is your ultimate weakness. Did you know women are more attracted to this feature when ovulating? A strong jaw gives the appeal of masculinity; throw in a bit of stubble and rugged good looks and you might just have a man as strong as his chiseled jaw.


Arm Veins

human action,person,man,male,kiss, This one might be a little odd but I assure you there are definitely more than a handful of women out there who swoon over the popping veins on the forearms of men. Perhaps it’s an indication to strong arms which can pull you close and lift you up while you wrap your legs around his waist. Ah, yes, yes, the famous "Notebook" kiss that had women swooning with jealousy.


Veins on the forearms of men can be a sign of physical strength and endurance. Men with strong arms can do activities such as lifting heavy objects and performing physical tasks with ease. Veins also often indicate good cardiovascular health, which is an attractive trait for many women. Additionally, veins on the arms can be aesthetically pleasing, as they can give the arms a more defined and muscular look.


The Wings

person,man,male,human positions,muscle, The wings refer to the muscles in the upper back and will sweep any women off their feet, literally. Whether it is the steel shoulder blades of Superman star Henry Cavill or the smooth muscular back of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, a well sculpted shoulder is undeniably drool-worthy. A man doesn't have to flex these muscles intentionally to tease a woman. It’s in those moments like when he pulls off his jacket and you can see the muscle definition of a wide back flexing through that makes you certain of what lies underneath.



hair,face,person,eyebrow,nose, Women are not all about defined muscles. There are other male body parts that don’t require toning that women still love just as much. While ladies love a strong jaw, soft dreamy eyes will complement a guy’s appearance well. Yes, you’re probably thinking it - the baby blue eyes of Ian Somerhalder! But it’s not so much about the eye colour alone that women love, it’s the whole package from the shape of the eye to the eyelashes and even the creases near the corner of the eyes that some women find attractive. Eyes are one of the first thing that anyone notices and if a man has a beautiful set of eyes, there’s no saying how lost you will get.



hair,face,person,nose,man, Lips are one of the most erogenous parts of the body, obviously. Hence, it’s no wonder that men are not the only ones who loves the pucker-ups. Plus, it’s extremely sexy when a guy bites his lower lip (a big turn-off though if it comes across as smug) or better still, yours, while kissing you! Some women favor thick full lips while others like it thin. What about you? Do you like your smooches served thick or thin?



hair,face,person,man,nose, A head full of hair or not is something women not only notice in their fellow girlfriends but in men too. Whether you favour the allure of a tough soldier and like the buzz cut or the suaveness of the slicked back look, one thing is for sure that hair can make or break the look and in what way a guy chooses to style it too adds to his overall charm. I for one love the front wave hairstyle where the sides and back are similar to a short crew cut but a little longer while the locks at the front of the head are lengthier which gives it the "wave" when brushed upwards or towards a side.

Sure you love a man with a sense of humor and so on but what about body parts? Dish out the details and share what exactly makes you go wild with glee. Come on, now it’s just us ladies here! Which of these makes you go weak in the knees?

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YES!! I love the deep voice, amazing eyes (my teddy bears change color❤️) smile, round butt, toned stomach and arms and mmmm that v-line gurl I can't get over that every time I see him take off his shirt!!

Adam Levine. Sooooooo hot!!!

I prefer men with muscles so sexy !

Ears ! they have to be properly shaped and have proper lobes ! also forearms and hands with long fingers !

Arm veins yaaaasss

Arm veins, jawline, hair

V lines yummmmyyy

Jaws, hair and eyes

Omgosh I love how you put my Kpop bias

V-lines are extremely attractive! I have to agree.

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