7 Traits That Make a Man Irresistible Almost Instantly ...


There are certain traits that make a man irresistible, for reasons unknown to us all. Sure, we want the whole package, but there are small things that entice us all. If a guy has one of these traits that make a man irresistible, then he's definitely a contender to winning your heart.

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Adorable Accent

An average looking man is transformed into a god after you hear his accent. Everyone has their personal favorite, but it’s a universal fact that no one can resist the British. Wouldn’t you love to hear an accented voice tell you how beautiful you look? One of the traits that make a man irresistible is his voice. It can make or break him.


Impressive Instrument

If you see a guy step on a stage, it’s pretty hot. He has enough confidence to get up in front of people. He has enough passion to follow his dreams. But the moment he picks up a guitar or sits behind his drum set, he instantly becomes irresistible. Even if he has no clue how to play, somehow he'll still manage to look fantastic.


His Humor

Everyone gets lucky with their jokes once and a while. If he makes you laugh a few times, that’s great. But the moment you realize that the man you’re talking to is absolutely hysterical, you never want to leave his side. Life is meant to be fun, so if he makes you laugh, don’t let him leave.


Physical Distinctions

This can take the form of many different things. For some women, tattoos are a selling point. If a man has a full sleeve, there's no stopping her from flirting with him. For others, beards are what make them swoon. Everyone has their own preference.


Just like You

When you see a guy reading your favorite novel or wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt, you want to get to know him. He obviously has great taste, so you’d be able to talk for hours. Even though you don't know anything else about him, you can imagine what his entire personality is like. You may not be right, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get to know him.


Swell Scent

There will be moments when you’ll walk past a guy, and you’ll be delighted by his delicious scent. Some men are experts at choosing cologne. They pick the one that you wish you could smell forever. You want to breathe in the scent from his shirt and have it to cling to your pillows. If you're lucky, one day that'll happen.


Coming across Confidently

As long as he's not cocky, confidence is attractive. It hardly matters what he looks like if he has confidence in his personality and looks. We're all insecure about certain things, so it takes strength to walk around like you're completely happy with yourself. If you find a man that walks tall, speaks with confidence, and acts like he has life figured out, why wouldn't you want to spend some more time with him?

For some reason, there are certain attributes that make a man more attractive than you originally thought he was. All it takes is a little guitar strumming or cologne, and you're stuck swooning. What traits make you instantly attracted to a man?

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I love a man with awesome shoes.

yeah accents get me..and definitely playing an instrument

yeah accents get me..and definitely playing an instrument

I think British men are ninnies lol

I love a guy with earrings, confidence, and an accent in all honesty (preferably Mexican, Southern, or British) 😍😍

accents definitely get me the most! Southern, British, Irish, and Australian accents are the best

Or Irish

I love a man who smells of Man. & unwashed after sex. weird I know!!

I love how #4 mentions that people have different preferences. Magazines always show pictures of men with huge six pack abs but I honestly prefer men that are slender, or even a little overweight - just not so muscular.

muscles is definitely a plus !

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