7 Hottest Pillow Talks πŸ”₯ for Women Who Want to Know Their Men πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ’– ...


Pillow talk is something that’s very intimate and can only be shared by lovers. It can make your romantic bond even closer that it already was. But have you ever wondered what you should talk about during that special time? These are some subjects that make great pillow talk.

1. Your Love Story

There’s no better subject than the subject of you two! Pillow talk is a good time to talk about how you met, your first feelings toward one another, your first impressions of the other and what you were each thinking during that time. Memory lane is always fun to visit. You may find that talking about your love story makes you feel more romantic toward one another. That can only lead to more pillow talk!

Dreams You Have for Your Life


Trust me he will start " chasing " you again ...
You can't , he has to willingly.... Switch things up, surprise him with a costume .. Remember MEN are VISUAL.... Then say nothing , go along , smile ... Don't text or call the next day ....
Baylie Legaard
I'm with Isabella someone please share how you get your bf to open up. After two years together he doesn't take anything serious anymore. He just lives with the mindset that we've been together for lo...
Isabella Coles
Why do we call it "pillow" talk? I'm curious! Also, how can you motivate your partner to express their feelings? I like doing that, but I would love his input sometimes too cause I feel like I give so much but always waiting for him to give back.. Hmm
This is so cute
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