No Girl Should EVER Sacrifice These Things for Any Man ...


Relationships are give and take. You can't always have your way, and it's only by compromising can you and your partner have a strong, selfless relationship. But at the same time, this doesn't imply sacrificing everything. You might sacrifice your time or personal preferences for the betterment of the relationship, but here's a look at seven things you shouldn’t have to sacrifice.

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Your Happiness

Relationships have there ups and downs, and you won't be happy all day, every day. Your partner might get on your nerves, and you might be upset with your partner after an argument. However, this doesn't mean you should be unhappy every day of the relationship. There's going to be good days and bad days. But in a good relationship, there should be more happy days than sad ones.


A Good Time

Compromise is important in a relationship. You’ll want to let your partner choose activities on some days, and you choose the activities on other days. If you notice that your partner always has to decide what you do as a couple, and if he never takes your ideas or feelings into consideration, it might be time to move on and find someone who cares about your needs and wants.


Your Friends

A good partner will encourage you to have relationships and a life outside the relationship. But unfortunately, if your partner is possessive, he might want to be with you every single day and every single minute. This can get frustrating, and it can feel as if you're suffocating. Have a talk with your partner to see if you can strike a balance.


Your Family

Additionally, a good partner doesn't alienate you from your family members or causes divisions with your family. If your partner is insecure, he might have a problem with you spending a lot of time with your family, and he might even accuse you of neglecting him. It's important to look into your partner’s claims to see if his concerns are justified. But if it’s just a matter of him being needy and wanting your undivided attention, don't think you have to sacrifice time with your family to keep him happy.


Your Personal Interests

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to give up your personal interests. If you enjoy playing sports, going to dinner with your girlfriends or taking a girl’s weekend trip once a year, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to continue this life — in moderation.


Your Dreams

Starting a relationship can throw a wrench in your life plans and take you down a different road. If you're perfectly okay with the change…great. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with changing your dreams and aspirations. But if you have dreams that you want to pursue, yet your partner feels you should change your mind, don't feel pressure to adjust your plan. If you take a different path begrudgingly, this can trigger resentment and make you unhappy.


Your Belief System

If you start to adopt your man’s beliefs, that's perfectly fine. But you should never let a person make you feel bad for your belief system. Changing your beliefs for the sole purpose of making another person happy might not end well.

Relationships can make us better people. Although a healthy relationship is all about compromise, this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice what's really important to you. What else should you never sacrifice for a man?

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I did that. Changed all my goals and plans for a punk. Lesson learned.

Literally sacrificed all of those, sometimes you don't realise how bad and toxic your relationship is

All good points !!!!!

These are rules to live by

Never give up your financial independence. Even when marries,keep some of your finances just for you,same as your husband should. Share combined expenditures though from the beginning. It's really about each partner giving 60% and taking 40% in relationships.

Great article 💘🤘🏽

Self respect

Perfect article!

Let's just say these are in no particular order, because friends and family would be at the top then

Be who you are, and don't become a clone

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