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How Being Comfortable with a Guy Changes a Girl's Behavior ...

By Corina

One of the biggest complaints from men is the fact that women change when they get comfortable in a relationship. When they first meet a man, they try to look sexy and attractive for them but as the relationship progresses, a lot of things start to change. But every couple’s relationship is different and we all feel comfortable with our partners in our own way. Generally, all relationships tend to follow a continuum of comfortableness and that’s not always a bad thing. You just get to know your partner better, you feel safe in your relationship and you know they love and accept you just the way you are. Here is how girlfriends change once they get comfortable with their boyfriends:

1 They Send a Text without Re-Reading It 6 Times

This is one of the most common signs that indicates that you are really close to your partner and that you really feel comfortable in your relationship. At the beginning of your relationship, when the two of you were dating, you always tried really hard to come up with the right witty and flirty text, but now you don’t spend so much time re-reading every message before sending it to your significant other.

2 They Order What They Actually Want to Eat on a Date

When girls feel comfortable in their relationship, they tend to worry less about whether or not they look classy while eating a burger. They actually enjoy the time they spend with their significant other and they order what they really want to eat while they are on a date with them.

3 They Don’t Care if Their Boyfriends See Them without Makeup on

When you are in a stable and serious relationship, you don’t worry so much if your boyfriend sees you without your makeup on. You know he loves you just as you are and he even told you that he thinks you look beautiful with no makeup on.

4 They Are Not Ashamed of Their School Photos

If you feel comfortable in your relationship, you are not ashamed of the way you look in your school photos. You actually laugh with your partner when you look at them and you make fun of the way you used to dress or look when you were in high school.

5 They Keep Things at Their Boyfriend’s Place

Girls who feel comfortable in their relationship are not afraid of leaving things like their toothbrush, their makeup remover wipes, their face cream or even their tampons at their boyfriend’s place. We are all human and we all have needs and we don’t need to seem so perfect all the time.

6 They Are Not Afraid of Crying in Front of Their Boyfriend

If someone or something upsets you and you are with your boyfriend, you are not afraid of crying in front of them if you feel like it. It doesn’t matter if it will ruin your makeup because you know he loves you, he thinks you are beautiful without your makeup on and he would do anything just to see you smile again.

7 They Are Not Trying to Impress Their Boyfriends All the Time

When women feel comfortable in a relationship, they also feel comfortable with the way they are. They are not trying to impress their partners all the time and they just enjoy their company without wasting too much effort on trying to look perfect all the time.

A lot of studies have shown that both women and men tend to show their best attributes during the beginning of a relationship and that they tend to relax as they begin to feel more comfortable when they are with their significant other. Do you think that women change that much once they get comfortable in their relationship? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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