7 Things Men Love More than We Realize ...

By Corina

Even though sometimes it can be a bit hard to understand them, men and women are not that different after all. A lot of women think that men can easily puzzle us and tear us apart inside without feeling any remorse. But things are not always how they seem to be. Men have feelings too, they seek true love as well and they would do anything in their power to make their significant other happy when they fall in love. There are a few things men wish women knew about them so that we could understand them better. Here are 7 things men love more than we realize:

1 Women Remember Things That They Tend to Forget

A lot of men have a tendency to forget certain things the moment they are told. Women, on the other hand, tend to remember every little detail of every conversation they've had since they have an incredible memory. A lot of men admire their girlfriends for possessing this trait since they know that they can always count on them if they forget to remember something important.

2 They Love Our Coddling

When it comes to being sick, men can turn into real cry babies sometimes. On the other hand, women can go days without their partners knowing they are sick. Men love the fact that women always take the time to baby them and to care for them when they aren’t feeling well. It shows them that they are being loved and it makes them feel needed and wanted by their partners.

3 They Love That We Know Where Everything is

Have you noticed that your guy always asks you if you know where he can find a specific thing? Men love the fact that you are so organised and that all the things in your house have a designated place. They think that this is an incredible trait and they love the fact that they can always count on you when they need to find something.

4 They Love That We Are Soft and That We Smell Good

A lot of men love the fact that their girlfriends always seem to have the softest skin and that they smell great all the time. They love when women take care of themselves and they try to do the same too. They appreciate the efforts you make to look good, but they often think that there is nothing sexier than a woman in sweatpants and with no makeup on.

5 They Love That Women Are Good Listeners

Most men admire women for being such great listeners. When they have an emotional problem to solve, they would rather talk to one of their female friends than to one of their male friends because they know that women will listen carefully to what they have to say so that they can come up with the best advice possible.

6 They Love That We Are Good at Expressing Ourselves

Women always know how to express their feelings and they always say what’s on their mind and most men admire this wonderful trait that most women possess. They even say that women often tend to take for granted how easily words come to them because for most men, expressing themselves can be a real challenge sometimes.

7 Men Love to Communicate through Actions More than Words

While women are good at expressing their feelings, men would rather communicate through actions rather than using words. Even though they know that words are important to women, they do prefer to express their feelings through actions.

Another surprising thing that you don’t know about men is that most of them actually enjoy romance, but they just doubt their skills to be romantic. They also love the fact that women are not afraid to cry, that we are maternal, that we love to spoon and that we always seem to know the right thing to say in every situation. Do you know any other things that men love more than most women realize? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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