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7 Tiny Ways You Can Judge a Man's Character ...

By Holly

There are little things that can help you judge a man's character when you're first getting to know him. Even though you can't figure out a person's whole personality by looking at the tiny things they do, you can certainly get a general idea about them. If you don't like what you see, then you can consider it a red flag and get away while you can. Here are little ways you can judge a man's character:

1 How He Treats Strangers

When you go to a restaurant together, pay attention to how he treats the waiter. You should also pay attention to how he behaves when he walks in and out of the restaurant. Hopefully he'll hold open the door for you. He should also hold open that door for anyone who's about to walk past him. If he lets it slam shut on a little old lady behind him, then he's not as respectful as he should be.

2 How He Treats His Pets

You can't judge a man by whether he owns a cat or a dog. However, you can judge him by how he treats his cat or dog. Does he play with it every single day or let his parents take care of it? Is his phone filled with pictures of it or does he barely think about it?

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3 What He Does when He's Angry

If you happen to see your man when he's angry, you're going to learn a lot about him. Does he grab a beer as soon as he's frustrated? Does he throw things? Or does he try to work through his emotions in a healthy way?

4 Whom He Associates with

His friends might not act exactly like he does, but they're a good indication of his character. If a man hangs out with a group of drug addicts, then it isn't looking good for him. It's easy to pick up on our friends' bad habits, which means that your man could be headed down the wrong path.

5 How Much He Talks

Does your man talk more than you do, or does he ask you a lot of questions to keep you talking? Depending on your personality, either one of these things could be positive. If you like to sit back and hear what others have to say, then you should go for the talkative guy. If you like to have the last word, then you'd be better off with someone who's a little more quiet.

6 What He Does in His Free Time

If a man volunteers at a homeless shelter during his free time, then you know he's a decent guy. If he smokes marijuana whenever he has some free time, then he might not be very reliable. Finding out what hobbies a man has is a great way to figure out who he really is.

7 His Favorite Song

A person's favorite song can tell you a lot about them. If his favorite song is about the death of a loved one, then you know he has strong family values. If his favorite song is about partying, then you know he likes to have fun. So pay attention to his iPod.

These things won't tell you all you need to know about a man, but they can give you a little insight into his personality. What do you usually judge a man's character on?

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