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10 Subtle Flirtatious Moves You Can Make ...

By Heather

Flirt Moves aren't hard to master, especially if you know what flirt moves work with your body! Being a bit flirty and fun with your boyfriend or a guy that you're trying to attract is seriously a great way to keep your man interested! So ladies, I've got the top 10 subtle but awesome flirt moves that you can try with any man and be able to get somewhere!

1 Fleeting Glimpses

You know what little glimpses I am talking about right? The small little fleeting glances that you give a man when you're trying to catch his attention. These flirt moves are coy, cute and he'll love them! Just remember, when he looks over, look away – or catch his eyes for just a few seconds.

2 Smile and Look Away

This is definitely one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works! This is one of the flirt moves that I use all of the time! It's the old 'smile and look away' trick that'll get and keep a guy interested all of the time, you just have to make sure to flash him a big and wide smile before you look away!


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3 Witty Banter Exchange

Guys like girls that are witty and that can keep up with their sense of humor. One of the biggest flirt moves that you can use is your brain. Use your wits, challenge him a bit. Trust me, it'll be what gets you the man over any other girl he might like at the time!

4 Subtle Touches

The smallest little touch can mean something and if you're giving subtle, small little touches, I promise, it's a flirt move that he loves. Just casually touch his shoulder, brush his hair from his eyes – these are all touches that are light enough to be flirty. And it's a great way to see if you have a connection!

5 Faux Grooming

Talk about subtle touching right? Do you see that piece of lint on his shoulder? Gotta get it off! Really, any and all faux grooming is a great way to show your man that you really care about him and that you want to keep him interested. So flirt away!

6 Linger

Lingering around your man or even the man you're trying to attract is an awesome flirty move that is sure to get his attention! One thing to remember, if the man is having a really important conversation, don't include yourself. Just stand there listening, especially if it's about work.

7 Be Assertive

Men like women who have confidence. It plain and simple, if you don't have a ton of assertive nature in you, just act confident! Who knows, it could attract him!

8 Play with His Hair

Remember when I talked about those subtle touches? Well, this is one of them. Just a little brush of the hair back, just a little running your fingers through his hair can make all of the difference!

9 Compliment Him

When you've been in a relationship for a while, you probably forget about all of the little things. Well ladies, bring the spark back a little and compliment your man. Does he look good today? Tell him about it!

10 Admire Him

Compliments and admiring him are two different things. If you're looking for a great way to admire your man, why not take some pictures of him and have them framed? That way, you'll be able to have your man up on the walls all around your apartment!

Trying to master all of the flirt moves in one sitting is hard, but heck, some of them you might already be doing without realizing it! Flirt moves can be anything from a simple touch to a compliment, you just want to make sure you appreciate your man and he knows it. So ladies, what flirt moves do you use in your relationship?

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