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7 Subtle Ways to Show Affection in Public to Avoid Being Inappropriate ...

By Holly

There are little ways to show affection in public that won’t bother those around you. As much as you love making-out with your partner, you know how bothersome cutesy couples are. It’s frustrating when you’re out with your family and see two people in love that are on top of each other, being loud while you’re just trying to go about your day. To avoid being the couple that everyone hates, use these subtle ways to show affection in public:

1 Play Footsie

No one will see what you’re doing beneath the table. If you’re out at a restaurant with your partner, rub your foot up against theirs. It’s one of the ways to show affection in public that no one else will notice. Of course, if you’re out with a large group of people, just make sure that you’re touching the right person. You don’t want to create an awkward situation.

2 Hold Hands

No one should be offended by hand holding, so feel free to grab on to your partner. It’s nice to know that they’re right beside you, and holding their hand is the perfect reminder.

3 Give Him a Squeeze

While you’re holding hands, give it a little squeeze to show your affection. If you’re not busy holding hands, then you can rest your hand on his arm or thigh and squeeze it. It just lets him know that you’re thinking about him. If you do it at the right time, like after someone compliments you on what a cute couple you are, he’ll know that you mean it as a compliment.

4 Play with Their Hair

This one can be difficult, but if their hair is the right length, then it can be easily played with. Let him stroke your hair, or just play with a strand of it. It’s a simple way to show that he loves touching you. If he can’t get a hold on your body, at least he can touch your beautiful locks.

5 Toss a Wink

You don’t have to be within an arm’s length of your partner in order to show affection. When they’re looking over at you, kiss the air or give them a wink. It’ll let them know that you think they’re gorgeous, and you can’t wait to be left alone with them. It’ll make both of you excited to get out of the public eye and into your room.

6 Share Food

If you have a piece of dessert that you know he’ll love, share it! Don’t wait for him to ask for a bite. Be generous, and offer it to him first. He’ll be thankful for the delicious treat, and he’s sure to share his own food with you.

7 Give a Tiny Kiss

There’s nothing wrong with sharing a tiny kiss every once in a while. You don’t want it to turn into a make-out session, but you shouldn’t be scared to give him a peck. Sometimes, it’s impossible to resist the urge to kiss. Don’t torture yourself by keeping your distance. The people around you have seen kisses before. It won’t kill them.

You shouldn’t be all over your partner when other people are around, but you can still show affection. You don’t have to keep your hands off of your love, just limit your interactions. Do you and your partner engage in PDA?

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